Mens' Ministries

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  • A friend when you need one - Someone who cares about men and wants to pray for them.

  • Authentic Manhood Ministries - Authentic Manhood MinistriesCreating a spiritual community of men who are on a journey towards God and long to see the love and power of God transform and flow through them.

  • BMFUSA-Milwakee - Homepage for BMFUSA-Miwaukee - A Full Gospel Men's Lay Ministry - List of Local Events - List of Officers - Links to other BMFUSA Web Sites

  • - Worldwide Network of Christian Men - Resources for men on topics such as Success, Business, Relationships, Marriage, Leadership, Education and more.

  • How can you lead a man away from the Masonic Lodge? - Why is Freemasonry imcompatible with Christianity? How can you lead a friend or loved one to leave the lodge? Masonic documents, tracts, video tapes and presentations you can use, one-on-one with a Mason are available.

  • Men of Integrity Men's Ministry - Interdenominational Christian menís ministry with resources for small groups, accountability, prayer, evangelism, families and more. Based on Promise Keepers model.

  • Official Site of the HonorBound RMDC - Men of Promise signifies that we are men with potential for service in the Kingdom. Challenging men to think about who they are in Christ when they think of the name HonorBound: Men of Promise.

  • PK Iowa

  • PK Map

  • Point Man Ministries Northwest - Since 1984, Point Man International Ministries has focused on reaching out and ministering to the veterans still suffering from their involvement in war with special emphasis on the Vietnam era veteran. Unlike veterans from previous wars, Vietnam vet

  • Powder Keg, The - Frontiersman Camping Fellowship Blue Ridge Chapter Newsletter dealing with Primitive Camping.

  • Promise Keepers Official Home Page - The Mission: Promise Keepers is a non-denominational, Christ-centered ministry dedicated to uniting men through vital relationships to become godly men who influence their world.

  • Steve Lattier Men's Ministry - Equipping men with the tools to survive earth and prepare for Heaven. Men are raised into a life of misconceptions we break down the walls and learn to become real men before God.

  • Walkin the walk and not talkin the talk. - fulfilling the great comission

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