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  • Adventist Development and Relief Agency - ADRA International is a non-profit humanitarian organization working in over 140 countries. For more than 40 years we have delivered relief and development to mankind regardless of ethnic, political or religious affiliation.

  • Ask The Master Plumber - Check-out our free services to reach out and help somebody in the Community and Charities.

  • Christian Crosses, Religious org, crosses along interstate - Religious org dedicated to maintenance, new construction of 3 Crosses

  • Christian Disaster Response - Disaster Mission Program for all Christian Churches. Disaster Relief/Aid Volunteer Training for local churhces.

  • Christian Relief Services - Connecting those who care to those who need

  • Christmas Cheer - Christmas charity benefiting the needy people of the Chicagoland area

  • Cleaford Christian Trust, The - A British charity supporting various Christian, medical and educational projects through the church in the city of Brasov in the Transylvania region of Romania

  • Couriers for Christ Romanian Ministry - The ministry began several years ago to 'smuggle' Bibles into communist European nations. Now it includes a church-planting work in Romania and a 'Sponsor-a-Child'

  • Feed My Lambs Ministries - Feeding Jesus' lambs spirit, soul, and body. Reaching out to children, youth, homeless, and needy in high risk poverty areas. Anti-Gang, Anti-Drug Programs and Discipleship House of Hope.

  • Food for the Hungry - Food for the Hungry is an international Christian relief and development agency working in more than 25 of the world's poorest countries to help people lift themselves out of physical and spiritual hunger.

  • Free Web Designs - Free WWW Designs for churches and nonprofit orgs. See my site for details thank you

  • Hope for the Suffering - Hope for the Suffering is a Christian organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of innocent children.

  • Impact 2000 - Helpling churches, schools, missions and charitable organizations raise money to fund their cause.

  • Interfaith Hunger Services, Inc. - The Interfaith Hunger Services is a non-profit (501(c)3 status) agency dedicated to feeding the hungry in the Greater Bridgeport, Connecticut Area. Rev. Vernon S. Thompson, President; Bishop J.C. White, Vice-President; Lillie Troy, Exec. Director

  • International Christian Concern - International Christian Concern (ICC) is a human rights organization for religious freedom and for assisting Christians who are victims of persecution and discrimination.

  • International Harvest For Souls - Christian Outreach

  • Kovcheg International Charitable Program - Kovcheg International is an internet-based charitable program that helps raise money for shelters, daycares, and other children's non-profitable organizations in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

  • Nativity Play of Bethlehem/Arts4Peace - Promote peace and interfaith understanding in the Holyland. Support the Nativity Play of Bethlehem. For local youth and Christian Pilgrims. J

  • Open Doors with Brother Andrew - Open Doors delivers Bibles and other training materials to persecuted Christians in areas of the world where faith costs the most.

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  • Overton Studios Trust - Specialising in the production of videos, books and articles which explore the power of the Christian message to heal both mind and body. Make videos for UK Christian charities

  • Prayer - Prayer for needy children and teenagers. Prayer for Houston inner city children and youth. Prayer for homeless. Prayer for need children for Christmas gifts and toys.

  • Salesian Missions Online - A Catholic religious order, founded by St. John Bosco in 1859.

  • Samaritan's Purse International - - a UK Christian charity that specialises in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of victims of war, poverty, natural disaster and disease with the aim of sharing God's love through Jesus Christ.

  • Shekinah Ministries - Christian Mission reaching out to underpriveledged & preaching the Gospel thru out the world

  • SPCK Worldwide - Patron: Her Majesty The Queen - We support Christian education, literature and communication worldwide: theological education, leadership training, indigenous Christian writing, publishing and distribution, children's' materials, worship materials.

  • Spirit of Truth Ministries, The - The Spirit of Truth Ministries is a Worldwide Evangelistic Ministry to preach the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ and to assist needy families all over the world. A non-profit charitable organization.

  • Tampa Bay Harvest - Tampa Bay Harvest - Home

  • THE CHRIST SOCIETY RANCH!!! - THE CHRIST SOCIETY RANCH is a safe-haven for christians and their families! Do you believe that we have begun the Great Tribulation? If so, then please go to our website! GOD BLESS YOU!

  • The Community Food Network - Harvesters - The Community Food Network

  • The Harvesters Trust - UK based Grant Maker releasing workers into the harvest fields and providing help to the disadvantaged

  • UCSD Alumni Association Home Page - UCSD Alumni Association Website

  • World Vision United States - Faith works wonders... hope changes everything ... and love never fails. World Vision's new website at takes visitors on a journey of faith, hope, and love in 103 countries.

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