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  • 1 Bible Screen Saver - Bible Screen Saver is a compilation of quality passages from the bible that will boost your soul and give you inspiration.

  • 21st Century King James Bible - The 21st Century King James Version of the Holy Bible (KJ21) is an updating of the original 1611 King James Version. Obsoletete and archaic words have been replaced with the most exact modern synonym.

  • A Devotional Bible Study: - Study the bible online and enter your devotional insights to share with other christians. Read KJV and NIV side by side. Bookmark your favorite verses and read topical verses on faith, anger, etc.

  • A Voice in the Wilderness - Bible Text - MKJV and LITV online (c) 1998 editions

  • Abel Jesus Studystore - Best Books on Earth, Best Biblical Study Material in the world , for the Serious Student of the Word.

  • Arabic Bible for Arabic Windows - The Holy Bible Al Injil in Arabic Online / Alne3mat Arabic monthly Magazine

  • Audio Bible - Audio Bible is new Windows 95 Bible Software. It is based on Alexander Scourby's narration of the King James Version of the Bible. You get Alexander Scourby's entire world acclaimed recording of the Bible on one CD-ROM disk.

  • Back To The Bible - A worldwide service ministry whose purpose is to lead individuals into spiritual maturity and active service for Christ in the local church and the world and to make Jesus Christ known by teaching the Bible through media.

  • Best Selling Christian Books & Music - Christian Books and Music for Adults and Children, Bibles and Devotional Books, plus Christian Chat.

  • Bible Downloads - Bible downloads and downloadable bible study software for you to use and share with others.

  • Bible Errors (the truth) - A new site for Christians & non-believers to debate and chat about the bible. We have *live* chat and you may also leave questions/messages on our BBS.All are welcome.

  • Bible on the Web - Bible on the Web is a free service to everyone on the Internet. We provide an Internet web site that allows you to read, study and search the Bible in several translations.

  • Bible Talks - Weekly Biblical newsletter which is available via e-mail. Anyone wishing to receive this weekly Bible study may do so by simply following the instructions at the site!

  • Bible Translations, Reference Books, Free Bible So - Pathway to the Word Christian Books, Sharing God's Word through Bibles, Bible Translations, Reference Books, free bible software, free Christian books, teaching tapes, videos, church supplies, Online bookstore.

  • Blueletter Bible - A KJV Bible with over 1,000,000 links to Lexicons, Concordances, conservative Christian commentaries, and six searchable Bible Dictionaries

  • Bookmenders Bible Repair - Repair and/or recover all type bibles,including large family bibles

  • Cebuano Bible - The complete Visyan Bible online with many related links

  • Chinese Bible Online - String and boolean search in Chinese Ho Ho Version Bible as well as King James Version Bible. Or read the Bible chapter by chapter in both English and Chinese.

  • Christian Bible Search Site, The - Interactive searches of several versions of the Bible.

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  • CHRISTIANITY LINE (GREECE) - free greek english christians site.

  • Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service

  • Daily Devotional - Daily Devotional is a ministry of Back to the Bible designed to encourage and uplift you every day of the week. Each devotional includes an excerpt from the writings of well-know authors such as Woodrow Kroll, Elisabeth Elliot and Warren Wiersbe.

  • Emmaus Catholic Bookstore - The online resource for all catholic books, rosaries, medals, etc.

  • Faith Information Resources - Bookstore specializing in Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Study aids for the adult, youth and child

  • Finding the Meaning of Life in a Quest for Truth - Finding inspiration and meaning from the truth that is in Christ Jesus

  • Free Holy Bible Program - Free Bible program for Windows. King James Version with MHC, Eastons, Naves, Torrys, Hitchcocks, maps amd more...

  • International Bible Society Global Ministry - Partner with IBS to distribute Bibles to spiritually dark areas of the world.

  • International Bible Society - Translation sponsor of the NIV. You will find many free online Scriptures in many languages here. IBS - 'A Great Site for Your Faith.'

  • J B Phillips New Testament Translation - J B Phillips New Testament translation with & without maps and notes, Christ's words in red etc.

  • J B Phillips New Testament - J B Phillips New Testament translation online, with background analyses

  • James Earl Jones Reading of The New Testament - Collected here for the first time is James Earl Jones' majestic reading, word-for-word, of the New Testament. Never before has the Bible been brought so alive with such power and eloquence!

  • King James Video Bible - The King James Version of the Bible is now available on video and audio tapes. Sample video .avi file and .wav available.

  • Lion Publishing - Lion publishes books for any interested in the spiritual dimension of life.

  • Lockman Foundation & NASB, The - As translators of the NASB, Amplified Bible, and La Biblia de las Americas (Spanish NASB), we are dedicated to the demanding and exacting task of literal translation of the Bible.

  • Naxos Audiobooks - The andicent art of storytelling on CD and tape.

  • New Life Deliverance Praise and Worship Ministries - Christian web ministry with live internet broadcasting using realservers g2 featuring music and a message of deliverance

  • NIV Bible Software Shareware - NIV Bible Software shareware freeware

  • Online Bibles and Downloadable Bibles - Links to online bibles and downloadable bibles for your use. They will also lead you to online bible study sites as well as bible online search sites.

  • Online Bibles - Many links to online bibles and online bible study sites.

  • Personalized Bible software from Disk Editions - Disk Editions, an electronic book publisher, offers personalized KJV Bibles for Windows 95/98. The Family Bible includes a family photo album and a journal to keep family records -- just like a traditional family Bible.

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  • Popesmass - The Pope Jean-Paul II Funeral Mass Page and Holy See,Catholic pages, Catholic links, Catholic sites

  • Rainbow Studies International - Publishers of Study Bibles, BIbles , Bible software and Children's Bible Stories plus much more!

  • Rocky Mountain Laboratories - developer and publisher of the Deluxe Bible for Windows and the Deluxe New Testament for Windows (shareware and retail versions).

  • Rodney's Place: Resources for your Ministry - Resources for Christian ministry and a Bible and book repair service

  • Scripture Memory Connection, The - Dedicated to the support and encouragement of Christians who wish to memorize portions of the Bible

  • Scripture Reference Biblical Software by Exodus Computing - Product description and order form.

  • ScriptureSHOP - Great Contemporary Christian Music, Bibles, Religious Video's, Rebecca St. James - Picture Gallery

  • Shouts Of Joy Tambourines & Judaica - Star Of David Tambourines Messianic Judaica Bibles Books gifts Jewelry Music

  • Spera in Deo - Online Bible Collection, Bible study tools, Gospel midis, Christian books, Bible literacy quiz, great Christian links, and much more!

  • Tentmaker - Tentmaker is Gary and Michelle Amirault and friends who have fallen in love with our Father, the Creator of the universe.

  • The Bible Minute - The Bible Minute is intended for those in a hurry. This attention-getting thought-starter that will help you apply biblical truths to your life. It's fast, concise and easy to digest but still substantive. Sponsored by Back to the Bible.

  • The HTML Bible - Free HTML Bible with each chapter as a hyperlinked web page.

  • The New Testament and Psalms in mp3 Audio - Free download site for our new recording of the New Testament and Psalms in Mp3 Audio.

  • The Ultimate Bible Links Page - All the Bibles and resources you'll ever need, and all for FREE!!

  • - Daily Bibles Verses - is the internet source for daily e-mail content. We feature several lists including the DailyVerse which includes daily bible verses that are taken directly from biblical scripture.

  • Third Millennium Bible - The Third Millennium Bible (TMB)is neither a new translation nor a revision but an accurate updating of the 1611 King James Version.

  • VAV- Verse A Visit - A FREE popup service with a meaning

  • Vintage Archives - The premiere site for state-of-the-art reproductions of historic Bibles and texts. - The premiere site for reproductions of historic Bibles and texts

  • Whole Bible, The: Analysis of Christian Scriptures - A study of the history of the New Testament and the development of the canonical and apocryphal texts

  • WinBible 4.1 for Windows - advanced Bible research tool with 3 level boolean searching, print preview, text export, query quick-find index and on-line help.

  • WinBible V5.0 for Windows - Complete Bible research tool.

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  • World Tell - Free Bible Study in correspondence format. Gospel of John & Gospel of Mark. Missionary information. Discount Telecommunications.

  • Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada - Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada : Changing lives through translated Scripture in use by a growing body of believers.

  • Zondervan Publishing House - Zondervan Publishing House publishes and internationally distributes bestselling and award-winning Bibles, books, software, audio, video, multimedia, calendars, journals, and gift products.

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