Image Maps

Client-Side Imagemaps - Proposed Extension to HTML
glorglox advanced image mapper - glorglox eliminates all that messing about with polygons and lets you make clickable maps with organic and/or discontinuous shapes very easily.
NCSA Imagemap Tutorial
Hotspots 1.0 - WYSIWYG imagemap editor for Windows supporting zoomin, advanced shape manipulation, and MDI.
Hyper MapEdit v1.0 - A program for creating ISMAP map files for use with the NCSA httpd World Wide Web server. HyperCard 2.1 or later is required to run this.
Enhanced Imagemap 2.0 - Web Design Advantages Conferred by Parameterization
Imagemap Guide and Tutorial Sites - Noteworthy imagemap guide and tutorial sites listed in an easy to use tabular format.
Imagemap Help Page (IHiP) - A resource tutorial assisting HTML and image authors with the implementation of both server and client-side imagemaps.
Imaptool - A tool for making client-side imagemaps. It's for X Window Systems and 100% freeware. Currently tested only with Linux 1.2.13.
Map THIS! - Freeware WYSIWYG image map editor/creator. Runs under Win32 (NT, Win95, Win32s)
Mapedit - A WYSIWYG imagemap editor for Microsft Windows and Unix. Supports both client- and server-side imagemaps. 2.0 for Windows can map GIF, JPEG and PNG-format images.
MapMaker - creating an imagemap.
MapMarker Home Page - tool for creating clickable maps for HTML browsers supporting the NCSA imagemap protocol.
Serverside (CERN/NCSA) to Clientside Map Convertor - enter or paste an NCSA or CERN imagemap config file and have returned the equivalent using Netscape clientside map format.
So, You Want An Image Map, Huh?
Usenet - comp.infosystems.www.authoring.images

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