CGI (Common Gateway Interface), Perl, Scripts

Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Scripts
Clickables - CGI scripts, easily installed and customized.
CGI Book - Complete reference on World-Wide Web programming, including CGI, Forms, URLs, Server-Push, HTTP, and security, with lots of practical examples.
CGI Test Cases
Common Gateway Interface, The
Decoding Forms with CGI
Eva - Eva is a CGI language that does everything you need: interactive shopping, games, database retrieval and posting, even virtual graphics and music.
HTML & CGI Unleashed - Covers the complete life cycle of web development.
Matt's Script Archive
Matt's Script Archive Support Center
Perl Scripts for many purposes
Perl Tutorial
Perl Tutorial
Web FormPAL Automatic CGI Scripting For Web Forms - FormPAL read HTML forms and generate a CGI script that will merge form data into customized confirmation message, log file template. No programming is needed. You can also validate fields.
Yahoo - Search on keyword CGI

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