AAST's Wow! Web Wonders -
Australia Cool Site of The Day - Sites chosen from Australia Announce Archive index.
BAT's Catch of the day - For non-commercial sites only.
Best of 95: The Best Websites of 1995 - Recommendations continuously being accepted.
Blazin' Bookmark - Site of the week.
CDnow Cool Music Site of the Week
Cool Page of the Day
Cool Site of the Day - New sites chosen daily.
Cybertown's Site of the Week
David Siegel's HIGH FIVE - Winners chosen weekly.
ENTER 96 - Awards for tourism related sites.
Funky Site of the Day - Awards for "funky" sites. Daily awards.
Gorski's Site of the Day - Daily awards.
Handian's Hot Links - Weekly "Hot Sites" picked from a variety of categories.
House Of Bent, The - Music Site Of The Week
IPPA Award for Design Excellence - Weekly awards.
Jayde Site of the Week - Each week Jayde selects a Web page to receive the Jayde Site of the Week award. The chosen site is covered in a detailed one page review.
Lonster's Pick of the Litter
LynxOfTheWeekList - Sites are selected and rated weekly.
Macmillan Winner's Circle - Weekly winners. For personal home pages only.
NBNSOFT Content Awards
One Useful Thing and One Cool Thing - General.
Pirate Pete's Pick of the Week
Point Top Sites of The Web - Reviewers pick the top 5% of the Web.
Program One's Pick of the Week
Project Cool sightings - Sites chosen daily.
Pug's Gem of the Week - The best sites out of those submitted are chosen for the award. Content and style are the main criteria.
Qualis, The - Sites added continuously.
Ravi's Pick Elite Site
Seven Wonders of The Web - Recognizes excellence in seven categories. Sites found by submission and by discovery.
Short Attention Span Site of the Week
Top Internet Shopping Site Award - Recognizes outstanding shopping sites.
TRCWeb - Web Hot Spots
Webbernaut Awards Page - Award for the best legal websites.
Webbie Awards - Awards given for many topics. Based on number of votes received.
WLYN Special Link of the Week
Xplore - a Guide to the Internet - Site of the day award.

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