Sermon Resources

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  • A Pastor's Helper - One-stop ministry resource for pastors. Sermons that are biblically accurate with contemporary application.

  • Abundant Life Faith Center Links - Abundant Life Faith Center link page for your personal growth.

  • An Illustration Organizer - An easy to use database with a powerful search engine that tracks illustrations, quotes, and pictures. Great for pastors, teachers, and students

  • Bible Outlines - Free 730 page Devotional Commentary on the Psalms in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat); View online or download.

  • Bible Studies & Sermons by Wil Pounds - Resources for Christians who desire an intimate love relationship with Jesus Christ. Includes sermons, Bible studies, devotions, links, newsletter, exchanged life, identification with Christ.

  • Built Up In Him - Sermons and More - A growing library of conservative, expository complete sermons, many in series. Based on the KJV.

  • - Over 75 free children's sermons that take less than 5 minutes to give. This resource includes complete text, Bible reference, and suggested props.

  • Christian Communicators Worldwide - The teaching and writing ministry of Jim Elliff. Includes pastoral tools, articles and hymns.

  • Christian Radio Links - Hear all the popular Christian radio programs broadcast on the net; links to many local Churches that have RealAudio sermon pages as well. Listen to sermons, commentary, issues that affect your life.

  • - Sermon illustrations, illustration search interface, sermon search engine, 140+ biblical sermons, weekly Sunday School lesson notes for all Southern Baptist curricula

  • Dr. Chadwick's Church and Ministry Site - A Christian Church related site with Articles and Sermons of interest to Church Leadership, and a collection of Humor, provided by Dr. Neil Chadwick.

  • E-Bible Class Teacher - Resources for teachers that use the computer in the Bible Class or Sunday School.

  • Fresh Illustrations - Are you a Preacher who is serious about connecting with your audience? Then check out this new eletronic version of swapping stories with a Preacher friend over coffee!

  • Gospel Chapel - Weekly sermons and daily devotion. Conservative Christian books and tape; plus a sermon and daily devotional archive.

  • Harvest Cathedral Ministries - Real Audio Sermons. Sermons on Tape or CD. Harvest Cathedral Ministries Where God is real, his love abounds,the gifts of the spirit flow, and lives are changed.

  • Heavenly Comfort, Shirts and Clothing for Clergy Men and Clergy Women - Clothing identifying personnel as clergy yet made for wear in pulpit.

  • Illustration Exchange - Free email list and indexed webpage of illustrations. Ministers exchange illustrations via email.

  • Internet Sermons Online Audio/Video - Internet Sermons online video and audio with various pastors online.

  • Jesus In Las Vegas - is a great site for valuable information about both Jesus and Las Vegas! You will fall in love with both of them, as millions of people from all over the world have!

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  • Jews for Morality - THEIR GOD HATES IMMORALITY!'

  • ONLINE BIBLE STUDIES & SERMONS - ST ANDREWS PULPIT - Divided into Old Testament, New Testament and Topical Studies. Includes a section on Biblical Archaeology and How Our Bible Came to Us.

  • Preachers Page - Thousands of FREE SERMONS and tons of ministerial resources

  • Reformed Sermons - Sermon.Org is an index and collection of Christian sermons and outlines, articles, lectures, and addresses from contemporary Reformed pastors, many who are Baptists.

  • Rev Richard Pot's Space in Cyber Space - A Reformed pastor's pamphlets, papers, and preaching.

  • Revive Us Again - Practical Keys to Revival in the Church. Check out our features on music, entertainment, truth, moral purity, etc.

  • Sermon Humor - Sermon humor for pastors and funny material for public speakers

  • Sermon Illustrator - A place dedicated to those who like to preach and those who enjoy inspirational stories. More than 450 sermon illustrations are already available!

  • Sermon Storehouse - Sermons from Genesis to Revelation providing pastors with years of preaching resources.

  • Sermon-Outline-A-Week - Free weekly e-mailed evangelical sermon outline for busy pastors, evangelists, missionaries, or bi-vocational workers. These are in turn-key message format.

  • Sermons and Sermon Lectionary Resources - Acknowledged as the starting place for lectionary related sermons and liturgical resources - orginal resources and links to many sites.

  • Sermons of Rev. Dennis Marquardt - Sermons of Rev. Dennis Marquardt, Sr. Pastor of the Assembly of God Christian Center in Vergennes, VT.

  • - Award winning sermon, story and illustration web site featuring FREE resources for preachers teachers and public speakers

  • SermonSearch - SermonSearch meets the needs of busy pastors with a searchable database of 7,000 sermons from contemporary pastors/speakers.

  • SermonWriter - Sermon Resources for the Lectionary Preaching

  • SermonWriter: Resources for Lectionary Preaching - SermonWriter provides preaching resources for the lectionary--weekly--by e-mail.

  • Sovereign Grace Doctrines - GIBT - Welcome to Sovereign Grace Doctrines - Grounded In Biblical Truth. A Web Page intended to stimulate your Bible study and thinking concerning The Gospel - Lord Jesus Christ

  • The Christian and Bible Resource Center - This site contains sermons, Bible notes, illustrations, church of Christ and other sermon and Bible study sites, online study tools, and our favorite Christian books.

  • The Pastor's Study - A series of outlines for the study

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