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  • 90.5 FM and 1490 AM WWIL - Wilmington's Christian Radio 24 hours a day with live web cast

  • Aha, live Christian internet radio, the Sound of L - Contemporary Christian Radio, free live audio 24 hrs. over the internet! Listen in today, Sound of Life Radio established for the purpose of strengthening, unifying, and expanding the body of Christ!

  • All Pilgrims Radio - The best in praise and worship music and live reports from the roads of the world as Arthur Blessitt carries the cross around the world.

  • Association of Christian Broadcasters - Christian broadcasting in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, including links to program producers and music sources.

  • Baptist Hour, The - inspiring half hour of contemporary religious messages and light Christian music.

  • Catholic Internet TV& Radio Network - Internet Radio and TV station featuring programs on Evangelization, Discipleship and Stewardship plus inspirational music

  • Christian Crusaders Radio Ministry - Christian Crusaders Web site features sermon text for each weeks broadcast as well as information about our ministry.

  • Christian Internet Radio Network - LIVE Internet-Only Christian Radio Network - Music, sermons, concerts, church services, etc.

  • Family Radio - Family Stations, Inc. - Non-profit, non-commercial, radio network which broadcasts the music and message of New Life in Jesus Christ.

  • Good News for Today - Chinese radio and TV programs produced by Chinese Outreach.

  • Gospel Media Network - Internet only radio taking lifegiving preaching and teaching of the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the world.

  • Grace Hour - The international radio ministry of the Greater Grace World Outreach.

  • Greater Grace World Outreach - A local church that takes Jesus' Great Commission seriously! With over 300 missions workers in more than 24 countries, international Christian radio, Bible colleges and more.

  • INSIGHT - Radio Broadcasts - INSIGHT Radio with Dr. Joseph Cerreta via Real Audio.

  • KADI - 99.5 FM Springfield, MO - The Ozarks Best Music Radio

  • KCBI - 90.0 FM Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

  • KCFA - 106.1 FM Arnold, CA - Calaveras Inspirational Station, Inc. - We are a Christian, non-profit corporation dedicated to sharing the Gospel message.

  • KLTY - 94.1 FM - America's Number One Christian Radio Station is now on the WWW. Look for listener updates and Christian Music News. Soon, audio!!

  • KPRZ - 1210 AM - San Diego, California, USA. - Positive Talk Radio.

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  • KSKY - 660 AM - Christian radio.

  • KSLR - 630 AM San Antonio, TX - Sonlight Christian radio brightens up your day.

  • KSWP - 90.9 FM Lufkin, TX - East Texas Christian radio. Tour of station policies, music and program list, other features.

  • KYFR - 920 AM - One of 40 Christian radio stations owned and operated by Family Stations, Inc. (Family Radio); contains links to important articles.

  • KZZQ - Christian Radio Online! - Christian Hit Radio Broadcasting Live on the Internet 24 hours a day!

  • Life Changing Radio Web Site - Listing of Life Chaning Radio Stations reaching New England.

  • Lifetime Guarantee - Lifetime Guarantee Ministries is dedicated to teaching the reality of God's grace to all Believers, through radio, books and conferences.

  • Master Control - Religious radio programming that uses an entertainment format instead of preaching. Offers celebrity interviews as well as lifestyle, travel, and vacation features.

  • Metal Countdown - Your online Metal-chart with the best tunes in Christian Metal!! Vote on your faves!Realaudio-clips!

  • Morning Show, The - Christocentric radio news magazine bringing information about events, happenings, or issues under the light of biblical truth.

  • My Refuge Christian Radio - Operating a FM Radio Station 24 hours/day with an all volunteer staff. The primary service has a potential audience of 200,000 people.

  • Positive Life Radio - An inspirational music satellite network serving stations nationwide. Check out our music, meet our staff, and browse the Listener Cue, our online newsletter.

  • Preaching The Word - The radio ministry of Lamar Denby; reaching the Nation and the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

  • Premier Christian Radio UK - Premier Christian radio UK - news, spiritual music and ministry for family and community

  • Radio station KFSG-FM - Classic Christian music and programs 24-hours a day.

  • Radio Vatican News - What¥s new in the catholic world. (in german language)

  • REV FM - Christian Hit / Rock Radio - Christian Hit / Rock Radio for State College, Penn State and Central Pennsylvania

  • Sunlite Radio - Internet Radio Station featuring Classic Gospel, Classic Country, Classic Hymns, & Urban Gospel music Broadcasting in RealAudio 3.0

  • The Christian Music Magazine - Radio program featuring interviews with DC Talk, Avalon, Sierra, FFH, Kim Hill, Crystal Lewis, Nichole Nordeman and more!!! Listen with RealPlayer!!

  • The Ministers Forum - The Ministers Forum presents the inspirational messages & sermons of ministers of religion of any denomination whose teachings have gained respect in their local communities. Its mission is to spread the teachings of great ministries worldwide.

  • The Protestant Hour - Find, Read and Listen to sermons from America`s longest running ecumenical radio show.

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  • The United News & Information Website - Today's world and national news, with special features; including a multitude of stories relating to traditional or cultural trends and other significant religious developments; plus, devotions from a Christian perspective.

  • The World the Word & You! Broadcast - Is a 17 year evangelistic Christian radio outreach, featuring commentary on events, and happenings around our world from a biblical perspective. The website is interactive and contains all audio broadcasts and printed copies of messages.

  • Things Above Radio Broadcast - The radio outreach of the Countryside Christian Fellowship in Eugene, Oregon, featuring the expositional, verse-by-verse teaching of Pastor Terry Dawson.

  • United Christian Broadcasters - Britain's only national Christian radio station.

  • Vatican Radio

  • Voice of Redemption - Christian radio ministry speading the message of truth, hope, and salvation from Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


  • WAFT RADIO - Christian Radio for Valdosta, GA

  • Walk with the King - The radio ministry of the late Dr. Robert A. Cook.

  • Watchmen Ministries' Radio Production Studio - Inspirational radio programs available for download to Christian radio stations featuring The Watchman Broadcast and Find Life.

  • WAVA - 105 FM Washington, DC - Washington, DC's Christian radio outlet.

  • WAYL - 91.9 FM St. Augustine, FL - Contemporary Christian radio serving northeast Florida.

  • Waymarks International Ministries - Waymarks broadcasts in-depth Christian Bible teaching programs over world class radio to many nations of the world, catalog of free cassettes and literature.

  • WBYO - 88.9FM - Community Christian Radio - Contemporary Christian Music 24 hours a day for Eastern Penna.

  • WCHP-On-Line - Christian Radio for Montreal, Canada

  • World Changers - A dynamic radio program designed to challenge Christians all across America to learn how to lead people to Christ and grow in their Christian faith.

  • WPRZ Praise Radio 1250AM - Warrenton, Virginia - A non-profit radio station broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ 24 hours a day to Northern Virginia through great inspirational music and Bible teaching. We are here to make a difference in our local community!

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