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  • A Prophecy - a prphecy given to the last day church

  • A Grace Message Email Devotional - EternityNow Ministries - If it sounds too good to be true... It could be the gospel. Encouragement, refreshing insight, help with the real-world issues of walking in the grace of Jesus Christ.

  • A press release for all Christian publications - News of the new online Web Evangelism Guide - a resource for all Christians who want to use the Net to reach the world.

  • A.C.T.S. Ministries - We provide free witnesing materials to anyone willing to share there faith, from sound historic Christian doctrine. We teach personal evangelism workshops, and design Christian T-Shirts.

  • Beyond Calvinism - For something to be foreknown it must be predetermined. Calvinists & I agree. Arminians don't. I'm not Calvinist. The Bible's case for salvation calls for a re-reformation of the Church.

  • Beyond Magazine - Stick a fork in the extraordinary. Drink a toast to the everyday. Try a piece of the past. Savor someone's story. Taste the goodness. Beyond magazine. Eye popping design and honest conversation. Teaching and discipleship.

  • Bridal Affections Ministry - A Christian Ministry for the maturing of the Body of Christ and Assembling of the Corporate Man to reflect His glory in the earth!

  • Catholic Supply of St. Louis On-Line Catalog - Your on-line source for religious/inspirational gifts, books, Bibles, rosaries, jewelry, music, video, statuary, school uniforms, church supplies/furnishings, vestments, and much more! Especially items for Communion, Confirmation, Wedding,& Baptism!

  • Center for Renewal of Science & Culture - CRSC seeks the overthrow of materialism and its cultural legacies.

  • Challenge Weekly - A Christian weekly newspaper produced in New Zealand for New Zealand, the Pacific region, and others who may have an interest in the content.

  • Christian Gazette - An inspirational web site for the whole family, featuring christian writers and uplifting bible verses, songs, and thoughts and words to live by.

  • Christian Library Journal - For Christian school, university, church, and public libraries. Reviews 250 titles per issue, 5 issues per year. Free sample upon request.

  • Christian Philosophy, Theology of Russian History - Discovery of Unseparable-and-Unconfluent in Christ against the opposing image of this world; Outlook System which flows out of that; History as a subject of Orthodox Christian theology; Explanation of evil, theodicy. Eternal Forum

  • Christian Web News - Providing Christian websites free press release publication and distribution.

  • Christian WebWatch - Free weekly newsletter dedicated to providing current news headlines and discovering Christian Internet sites which are unusual, creative, and thought provoking.

  • Christian Writer's Association: WRITERS INFORMATIO - Writers Information Network, The Professional Association for Christian Writers.

  • Christian Writers Fellowship International - CWFI is a multi-service ministry to Christian writers and Christian in publishing. It is directed by Sandy Brooks

  • Church Growth and Stewardship Center - Providing chirch stewardship,tithing, Church and Sunday school enlargement materials,Family life and senior adult programs,Christian jewelry, Lenton coin collectors,Christmas giving tags and more.

  • Editorial - God is Like an Elephant - part 2 - Blind Men and the Nature of Elephants. Column by David Keating

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  • Efraim Valverde Ministries - Pastor Efraim Valverde has been serving God's people for over 50 years. Recognizing that the Second Coming of the Lord is at hand, his message is one of warning and awakening for the Church.

  • Faith in the Spirit - The Congregational Leadership Seminars bring together congregational leaders and transformational consultants from across North America in a creative new method of learning.

  • Feather Books & The Poetry Church - We're a small ecumenical press publishing the Quill Hedgehog Christian-based wildlife conservation environmental novels. We also sponsor THE POETRY CHURCH, a quarterly magazine of Christian poetry with a new hymns/church music supplement.

  • Free Daily - Daily online newspaper presents U.S. and world news, opinion columns, and editorials from a conservative, Christian perspective.

  • Free Monthly Christian / Inspirational Newsletter - You'll laugh, you'll cry as you read these heart-touching articles and features. Simlilar to Guidepost and Chicken Soup.

  • God Allows U-Turns - Non-fiction, Christian inspirational book series features stories that demonstrate how faith in God encourages and heals, submit stories for consideration and read featured writing (s).

  • Group Publishing, Inc. - Christian books, magazines, curriculum, VBS, and other resources, events, and mission projects for children, youth, and adults, pastors, and families.

  • Hidden Manna - Hidden Manna brings you stories forged in the soul. Stories that tell the ambiguity of faith, the confusion of life, the intelligence of God.

  • Holyfire Friends Network - This is a newspage from Holyfire Ministries, a computer outreach ministry- we are here for you. Send us your prayer requests, events, letters and we will feature them in our newspage.

  • IHS Ministries - Christian Money$aver Newsletter - This informative newsletter is a suppliment to T. R. Lewis' books. Learn how to legally save taxes, raise income and funding for church projects, get more tithing, get out of debt, and make better use of the money the Lord gave you.

  • Irvine Chapter of the John Birch Society - The Irvine CA Chapter of the John Birch Society, America's most effective grass roots organization which promotes free market economics, upholds traditional values, and defends the U.S. Constitution.

  • James Russell Publishing - Free Christian Book, Free Bible Tract Samples, etc.

  • Jerusalem Christian Review - Jerusalem's Leading Christian Newspaper... Now on the Internet!

  • NIFTY NIBBLES: Children's Literary Magazine - NIFTY NIBBLES is an off-line Christian magazine which encourages young people to use the creative gifts God has given them and gives kids an opportunity to get published. Kids may also join the writing contests.

  • No-Debt Living Newsletter - Provides financial, consumer and investment news with a Christian perspective. Insights from Christian financial experts throughout the nation. Budgeting, college, consumer news, tithing/stewardship, investing, insurance, etc.

  • On Being ALIVE - On Being ALIVE is a monthly Australian magazine that seeks to keep people in touch with the truth and excitement of knowing Jesus and to be the choice of those wanting a contemporary spirituality based on a biblical world view.

  • Pam Clark Prophetic Ministries - Prophetic Ministry Site for the equipping and networking of those called to the five fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11-16). We offer resources, discipling, and inspirational articles for the uplifting and interest of all.

  • Papercut Press - Papercut Press is a small publishing company dedicated to serving Christ through the local church. Our goal is to produce quality Christian literature that glorifies Christ and edifies the church. Please visit our website.

  • Petrel Publishing: Books for Children°£ - Petrel Publishing House publishes books mainly for children and young people. Our books cover a wide range of knowledge. We also publish three periodicals for Children.

  • Positive Publications - Experiencing the Prophetic Lifestyle. We have Prophetic poems and Words

  • Religion in Politics - We are dedicated to the analysis, study and dissemination of information relating to the intrusion of religion in politics as well as the intrusion of politics into religion.

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  • Resources for Christian Living - RCL provides high quality products rooted in the Christian Faith.

  • Retirement Canada - Retirement Communities directory

  • Revival Newsletter - A monthly newsletter packed with revelations from the Spirit of God.

  • Scenario Ministries Interational - Dedicated to single Christians, doctrinal apologetics and the promotion of Bible study/education. Also publishers of periodicals for each ministerial tier. Message boards are available for good Christian dialogue.

  • Selected Quaker Magazines and Newsletters with a Christian Orientation - Listing of selected magazines and newsletters of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) with a Christian orientation.

  • SoGospelNews - An online ezine promoting Southern Gospel Music, artists, and songwriters. Updated Monthly, with late breaking newsletter available.

  • Synergise Electronic Books - Launching a Christian electronic book: 'God for You!' for thinkers! This is the book for those who would like to believe but don't know how! Resolves many conflicts.

  • The Godly Business Woman Magazine - Woman's business magazine from a Christian perspective. Whether you are a mature woman, CEO, small business owner, single woman or the home is your business, this magazine is for you.

  • The Monthly Post - A Pittsburgh based free monthly magazine with a morally wholesome conservative point of view. Many field specific sections including Spiritual Perspectives written by Bishop Giacinto R. Beninate.

  • The Youth Encourager - A Holiness Newsletter Dedicated To The Encouragement Of The Youth!

  • TWM Technology for Worship Magazine - A magazine for Churches and Ministries covering areas of audio, acoustics, video, lighting, drama, music, computers and internet

  • U-TURN Online - U-TURN is a quarterly non-profit publication which addresses various issues from a Biblical perspective.

  • Voicings Publications: Sunday Sermons - Publisher of SUNDAY SERMONS full-text sermon periodical serving clergy since 1970. New SUNDAY SERMONS CD-ROM Collection contains 1,100 full-text SUNDAY SERMONS. Voicings Publicaitons serves clergy of all denomination in 20 countries.

  • - Metro Washington's Christian daily news and spiritual resource.

  • Write Christianity - A forum for Christian Authors/Ministers to share their written works with others. Sermon Outlines, Family Articles, Poetry, Short Stories and much, much more for your edification. You are encouraged to share your own works as well.

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