Prison Ministries

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  • All In Faith Ministries - All In Faith Ministries is a non - denominational ministry working to spread the Lord's message to people in prison , shelters , and hospitals (terminally ill).

  • Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. - Nonprofit Christian prison ministry reaching inmates in the USA with the love, hope & salvation of Jesus Christ. We provide chaplains with English & Spanish Bibles, booklets, tracts, newsletters & videos & counseling to convicts who want to change.

  • Care Ministries Intl. Help To Prisoner's - C.M.I. cares for prisoner's of conscience in the Former Soviet-Union and for prisoner's whose health have detoriated due to their incarceration. Also we help Jewish people who are denied exit visa's. Helping others is our witness of Christ to them.

  • CellPal PenPals - CellPals offers inmate support through promoting penpal services to prisoners. Help in the rehabilitation process be a CellPal!

  • Christian Ministry Development Foundation Network - CMDF Network promotes open & effective cooperation & communication among Judeo-Christian ministries. United Ministries Network provides online access to assistance resources for inmates, ex-offenders & their families.

  • Christian Outreach Ministries Evangelist - Outreach Ministry located in Tulsa, OK

  • Christian Prisoner Resources - CPR is a Christian organization whose mission is to encourage, support, and motivate inmates and their families by regularly showing God's love through letters and prayers.

  • ChristNet-Gadarenes Ministry and Prison Outreach - ministering to men in trouble with the law who desire to change their life through Jesus. If you need our help or would like to help us do God's Work visit our site...God Bless

  • FA Pen Pals - Pen Pal Site for Prisoners. We are looking for people to write our pen pals. This is an ideal way to minister to very lonely people. All it takes is putting pen to paper. Give it a try.

  • Free At Last Outreach - Free At Last Outreach ministers to men, women, and juveniles in the Oklahoma system and provides post release counseling and assistance.

  • Free In Christ Jail & Prison Ministry - A full Gospel ministry reaching the lost in our prisons, through prison pen-pals, outreaches, and one on one.

  • Freedom Within - Read a newsletter from behind prison walls by a young prisoner who has found Jesus Christ there, and longs to help other people avoid a life of trouble and ultimate despair.

  • POEMS/POEMS/POEMS - Christian oriented poetry the Lord began to give me several years ago.

  • Prison Hope - A site designed to share hope and comfort to inmates, their friends & family and those working in prison ministries. Free Bible courses are offered to AL inmates.

  • Prison Ministry Email Discussion Group: PRISON - PRISON is an unmoderated discussion list for persons engaged in Christian prison ministry. Prisoners and ex-offenders are welcome.

  • Prisoners of Hope Ministries, Inc. - Prisoners of Hope Ministries, Inc., provides Bible study material, counseling and group worship services for men and women incarcerated in prisons and jails across the country.

  • Prisoners of Hope - Prison ministry offering free resources to Chaplains, inmates and thier families.

  • Tapes for Inmates - The

  • The Altar of Ed Ministry - Our mission is to successfully integrate former inmates as productive members of society.

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  • The Burning Bush - Homesite of Ed Wrather former parole officer now pastor. Biblical help for addictions. Prison ministry. Prayer. Evangelist.

  • The Covenant House - Trying to create bridges that will enable the Christian inmate to go from prison to the local church through Biblical discipleship.

  • Wings Prison Ministries - Wings Prison Ministry was started in 1992 as a ministry to those that take the Word of God into the prisons. Now, we are meeting the spiritual needs of pris

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