Marriage Ministries

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  • A Christian Counselor - Christian counseling, helpful articles for family/marital, addiction, bereavement, crisis, stress, aging and death.

  • B.F.F. Ministries - Prayer request , testimony , and questions ranging from pre-marrage ,marrage , to divorce .

  • Christian Families Today - Christian Families Today exists to teach the believer's identity in Christ's life through family enrichment seminars, discipleship conferences, marriage and family counseling, pastoral care and discipleship counselor training

  • Covenant Keepers, Inc. - How to save your marriage alone! Are you separated or facing divorce? Learn to apply scriptural principles through articles, resources and support groups.

  • Faith Through the Storm - A testimony to women from one who survived emotional and mental abuse and almost gave up on marriage, but with faith in God and His love, prevailed.

  • House on the Rock Family Ministries - Helping people build families on Biblical principles. We work with local churches to sponsor family life events and to build effective family ministries. We also provide helpful online resources.

  • Lorne & Jimmie Ruth Matthews Ministries - The Matthews have been there - done that and found fresh married life, after adultery, separation and even divorce - the power of forgiveness flows and brings healing and restoration as we accept God's repentance and healing. There is hope!

  • Maranatha Life - on-line teachings on marital and sexual intimacy , books, tapes, workshops, teaching kids

  • Marriage & Family Magazine Internet Edition - Bringing God's message of hope and encouragement to the marriages & families of North America and the world. Watch the TV show, read timely articles related to your marriage & family, and get powerful educational family resources by Jimmy Evans.

  • Marriage and Dating - A Biblical study on Marriage, the way it is related to dating and the practical implications.

  • Marriage Seminars - Marriage enrichment and couples seminars.

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