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  • A Big List of Christian Magazines - Find over 130 different Christian magazines from World to Decision to New Man to Charisma to Sojourners to Christian Computing to Sports Spectrum to Breakaway...and so many more!

  • A Christian Reading Room - Christian Reading for all ages: articles, stories (including a children's novel), poems, and Bible studies.

  • A Voice in the Wilderness - Articles, Commentaries, Scripture, FREE Subscriptions, Biblical Teaching, Doctrine, Exhortation on the Christian Faith for the end times.

  • Christian EXPLANATION OF EVIL - Philosophy of Form - Explanation of evil by World Outlook System Philosophy (Wisdom) of Form. Theology of Russian History (the embodiment of all recent evil). Christian concept based on Principle of Form in Christ against one of this world. Alternative ethics, aesthetics

  • Christian Poetry: Moments - Reflections in the Spi - Our mission is to exhort and encourage our readers through prophetic and

  • Christian Scholars Review - The Christian Scholars Review is an interdisciplinary academic journal sponsored by over 40 Christian Colleges. It strives to promote the integration of faith and learning.

  • Cross Way Publications - Page dedicated to spreading the gospel through the medium of poetry

  • Custom Poetry -- A Unique Gift Idea! - Custom Poetry with a Christian theme, created one-at-a-time for all of your gift-giving occasions. Anniversaries, Christenings, birthdays, love poems -- please visit our website ...

  • Daily Wisdom - A daily devotional with an evangelistic emphasis.

  • Daystar Ministry for Prophecy, Dreams and Visions - Daystar Ministry offers its resources freely online for the discipleship of churches and Christians to hear The Holy Spirit credibly in Bible Study, Prophecy, Dreams and Visions.

  • - Writebrained's Christian Writing Pa - FREE Christian Living/Fiction designed to challenge and engage the reader.

  • Editorial - (I Am) a Happy Man - Joy and happiness sometimes seem foreign, or at least forced and false, for many of us listening to Christian preachers. Have a look at an article that celebrates Christianity as it flows from those

  • Editorial - Does God Hate the Sinner? - Does God hate the sinner? Does God hate the sin but love the sinner? The truth is, we can never be separated from God, whatever name we give him/her/it. The most that we can do is to deny the connec

  • Editorial - How Far is Heaven? - Few of us still believe Heaven is literally in the clouds. If the angels did lounge there at one time, all of the jets, blimps, balloons and rockets have pretty well ruined the neighbourhood by now.

  • Editorial - Loved the Sinner, Hated the Sin? - How can God, more a part of us than our own hearts, not even see the mistakes we make? How can God do it??!! You know something? It's unnatural! It's inhuman!! It'sÍ.. (wait for it) Godlike!!! Not to

  • Editorial - No Winners - Western society is preoccupied with the idea of winning and losing. Its built into the language we use every day. We beat the odds, we come out ahead. There is a different way to do things

  • Editorial - Spiritual Convergence - Moses understood. 2000 years later Jesus understood. And 2000 years later, do we understand?

  • Editorials - Blind Faith - By blind faith, and with no proof that would withstand scientific analysis, millions upon millions of people accept their own certainty that the Divine is real. This is a wonderful thing.

  • Editorials - Honestly Now - The newspaper that I read that night (and yes, I took only one) contained about 90% bad news. And yet the paper itself considers honesty so common it trusts its product to boxes on street corners.

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  • Encouragement and Inspiration - This is a great place to get encouragement and inspiration. We have many great stories and poems available along with an excellent Salvation area. Visit today and receive a blessing.

  • George R.Henaut - Homepage of an Author - Author shares his writing ministry.

  • GOOD NEWS! - FREE devotional articles for church and Christian organization newsletters

  • GRACE UPON GRACE - Christian poetry to spread the Gospel, exalt Christ, and encourage believers.

  • Heart Alive - Inspirational Christian Writing - A collection of animated e-Poems meant to give God glory and to show Christians and Non-Christians alike that there is love, hope, and joy in God.

  • Hope Publishing House - Publisher of titles that serve the needs of the faith community, a broad mandate allowing us to do both modern-language versions classics and books that speak to contemporary issues.

  • Inspired Writing - A haven of rest for readers and writers of the Christian faith

  • Isaiah 58 Broadcast & Tracts: A Pentecostal Resource Center - A Pentecostal Resource Center of ALL FREE On-line Gospel tracts, newletters, cassette tapes, photos, Bible tests and studies, and other holy Ghost-centered materials.

  • James Russell Publishing - Advice for Book Authors. We are open for manuscript submissions for possible publishing of your Christian book.

  • Jane's Place - Poems of all types for all ages. Lots of links

  • Journal of Biblical Accuracy, The - The Journal of Biblical Accuracy is a Christian non-denominational journal that aims to promote an accurate understanding of the Word of God.

  • Kingdom Writers Homepage - Kingdom Writers is an online critique and discussion group for Christian writers.

  • Learning Resources Internet-ICI University - Free on-line study resources for pastors, leaders and students. Resources include on-line journals, full-text books, on-line libraries, databases and more.

  • manna cabana - food and shade for the soul - Cruise over to the cabana and check out some Christian stories, poems, original writings, jokes, graffiti walls and greeting cards.

  • Marie's Poems - Christian poems I authored ,for the Glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Me religious poems - Religious poems by Joseph Provencial

  • Messianic Poetry of Marshall Beeber, The - Christian poetry with a Messianic Jewish perspective.

  • Moments With The Book - Attractive, effective witnessing tools, including Gospel Tracts, Pocket Calendars, and our FREE magazine. Also look for interactive witnessing tools and contests.

  • NAME? - Reachout Trust website seeks to build bridges and help those who have been caught up in the cults, occult, the supernatural, new age and new religious movements. Free resources and much helpful information. This is the site that keeps you cult proof

  • New Life Ministries in Spirit and Truth. - Traveling and ministering through U.S. evangelist and team have books and tapes, a Gospel group Chosen, all presenting God's Word in power of Holy Ghost.

  • Newwinskin's Homepage - We are dedicated to helping our fellow Christians not to get trapped in the everyday, in it not of it.

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  • P.S.A.L.M - Sound - RealAudio site where you can listen to Elizabeth Tolson reading her own popular short stories. Suitable for everyone from 3 to 93!

  • Poetry, Free Christian poetry - Request free Christian poetry from our web page and receive poems via e-mail.

  • Ravenhill - Selected writings... focusing on a revival of Christianity's living Reality, beyond the forms of tradition in the church. Includes writings by Leonard Ravenhill and Paul Ravenhill among others. English/Spanish

  • Reflections - Reflecting Thoughts from a Teen's He - Works written from the heart of a teenager who came to the Lord and shared her thoughts through poetry, stories, plays, songs and more. She and her works are of an earlier generation.

  • Reformed Perspective - Reformed Perspective is a Christian magazine covering society and culture from a Calvinist point of view.

  • Sci-F- Writers of Christianity - Monthly Christian science fiction & fantasy writing contest. Reviews of Christian SF&F.; Jay Carper's writing. Also info on Carper family.

  • Sharing My Gift Christian Poetry - A collection of Christian Poetry with hard hitting messages. Poems that inspire a closer walk with God.

  • The Light of Love - My site has Facts of the Bible, Historically Accurate...How we know, Baptism, Why so many translations, Poems & Stories that glorify the Lord, much more

  • The Sanctuary - A place to relax and be encouraged in your walk with the Lord

  • The Word of Life - Sermons and literature of godly men

  • Tim's Christian Theology Page - Some of my thoughts and beliefs. I have several essays here and I also have a good collection of Christian links.

  • Whispers From God - Located here is my poetry that our precious Lord has inspired me to write. I thank God for these poems and hope that all who read them will find comfort and are directed towards our wonderful Lord and Creator

  • Words of Life and Hope - Christian poems of love, life, hope, praise and encouragement - poem of the week - changes every Sunday

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