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  • Agards Bible World History Timeline - Easily compare Bible to world history. Colorful wall chart format. Popular teaching/ bible study aid. Over a 1000 references.

  • Amazing Bible Truths Discoveries - Using Bible archaeology, Bible history, Bible studies to prove the Bible speaks the truth! Noah's ark, creation of the earth, the dead sea scrolls, shroud cloth of Jesus, history of the Bible, and much more. Fun site for the whole family.

  • Ancient Bible History - Disccusion List : Bible as Ancient History. Topics include culture, politics, wars, events, empires, people, places, monarchies, oddities, etc. Non-Denominational. For students of all ages.

  • Anointing for the Bride - A daily Email ministry on the study of the foundation of the church. News from Israel for focus and prayers. A daily Devotional and Hebrew training.

  • Bible Timeline with Numerical Code - A blend of a Bible timeline with a numerical path from Adam to Jesus Christ.

  • Catacomb Project, The - The Catacomb Project tracks trends in Christian persecution in the USA and around the world. Also persecution will be examined Biblically and from early Church history.

  • Christmas Eternal - The meaning and history behind Christmas customs and symbols from a traditional Christian perspective.

  • Church History Books - 2000 years of writings that have impacted and changed the Christian Church.

  • Common Sense Press - Publisher of Learning Language Arts Through Literature and other curriculum

  • Country Church - A reflection on the country church like it was in another day and time.

  • Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - A history of the spread of the Catholic devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus from Europe to South America to North America

  • Dogwood Legend Motivating Thought of the Week - Philosophy, Witticism, and Rules to Live By from some exceptionally brilliant minds blessed with life.

  • EagleCross Alliance, The - Christian political organization providing political information and resources to the Christian community. Publishes monthly journal The Eagle and The Cross.

  • EretzIsrael.co.il - Information resource about Israel and the Jews, including history, news, tourism, Christian Zionism and links.

  • Festivals of ancient Israel - Festivals of Israel.

  • God's Valentine - History and meaning of Valentine's Day with a list of other Christian Valentine sites.

  • Heroes of History - Facts, revealing anecdotes, links and bibliographies on Christian heroes of history Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, David Livingstone, C. S. Lewis and many others reinforce Christian virtues.

  • Interactive Passion History - Take a Virtual Trip to Calvary. Witness the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, like you never have before.

  • JesusPeople - Online Christian Community - Get your own @JesusPeople.com e-mail address. Ultimate conglomeration of Jesus People information on the internet. Music, Communities, Coffeehouses, Ministries, Leaders, Tracts, Worship, Study, Message Board, History.

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  • LLT Productions - Christian video production company. Focusing on Christian history, and the fulfillment of bible prophecy.

  • Portage Publications - Historical, religious, philosophical, and cultural documents.

  • Project Wittenberg - Project Wittenberg is an electronic text initiative dedicated to making works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans available on the Internet.

  • Protestant Reformation Publications - This site defends and proves the Reformers were right in thier assessment of who the antichrist is. He is the Pope of Rome and his church is Mystery Babylon the Great.

  • Quaker Tour of England - Virtual Quaker Tour of England, with photos and text. Places, events, people and ideas important in the history of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

  • Restoration Minsitries Webstie - The Hebraic foundations, that made the early Church both spiritually powerful and relationally intimate, are being restored to the Church as the Father restores the Jewish people to Israel.

  • St. Patrick - St. Patrick's day from a Christian perspective.

  • Stained Glass Page - Stained Glass depicting the life of Christ

  • Star of Bethlehem - Legacy of the Magi - A discovery from Roman coins reveals the Star of Bethlehem

  • Tabernacle and Heaven Book Sealed by Seven Seals - History of our world according the Bible and meanings of the Moses's tabernacle and John's Revelation

  • The Christmas 'Did You Know ?' Page. - The shocking truth about Christmas presented in 'did you know ?' form.

  • The Military Martyrs - Primary sources for cult of early Christian military martyrs

  • The Return of Jesus Christ - Describes the return of Jesus Christ in the Day of the Lord & the establishment of His governmental reign on earth.

  • The Trilogy - The Genesis of Mankind's History - Introduction page to sites about Genesis 1-11 (Creation, Fall, Flood and confusion of tongues), the book of Job and the spiritual battle.

  • Tour of Italy for the Financially Challenged - A complete virtual tour of Italy. Informative descriptions of every photo. Italian history. Tours include the Vatican Museums, The Abbeys of Montecassino and Casamari and the Medieval Basilica of Sant' Angelo in Formis in Capua.

  • Where did Moses cross the Red Sea?? - Where did Moses cross the Red Sea? Where is the real Mt. Sinai? Find out some interesting info here.

  • Who Are The Christians - The first step every religionist should make is to learn what exactly their religion stands for. This site will teach all about Christianity.

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