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  • A Healthy Me - Ahealthyme was created for Christian women to find friendship and encouragement on their journey to losing weight and gaining a healthier body. Our main focus is on our walk with the Lord.

  • A.A. History: Early A.A.'s Christian Fellowship - Articles, resources, links to 10 years of research by A.A.'s leading Christian historian on A.A. Bible Roots

  • AIM For Health - Articles, tapes and videos on improving health the natural way, including health products such as Barleygreen and more!

  • Always Hope In Sight - Christian Depression - A personal website that offers hope to christians who suffer from clinical depression. Addresses the issues of guilt and shame associated with depression and antidepressant medication. You are not alone. There is hope in sight.

  • Amazing Discoveries in Bible Archaeology - Discoveries are being made daily which prove the historical accuracy of the Bible.

  • And He Will Give You Rest--Chronic Illness/Pain Newsletter Ministry - A newsletter for people who live with chronic illness or pain, with a Christian slant. Encouraging, informative resource, unlike any other publication.

  • Anna's Body Mind & Spirit Page for Chronically Ill - Surviving chronic illness by faith and prayer; caregiving and support group info; Catholic content

  • Benton Sisters' Ministries - Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine and Health Improvement Program with the Benton Sisters. Conducting cooking seminars across the country.

  • Bethany Home - A Christian Home for Disabled Children and Adults in Malaysia A non-profit school who trust the Lord for their providence He has never let us down! Pay us a visit and contact us. In His love,

  • Bodies in Christ Health and Nutriton - Biblically based wieght loss and nutrition company that offers opportunity for people to change the health and wealth based on the word of God.

  • Christian Family USA - National group-drug abuse prevention-Jr-Sr High lvl-Free Book-57 signs

  • Christian Holistic Health Network - Bring awareness and education of Alternative/Holistic Healthcare to the Christian community promoting physical, psychological and spiritual health. Proverbs 17:22

  • Christian Principles - Lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle using Biblical principles.

  • Christians - Scriptures - Natural Everyday Products with Bible Verses - Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Shampoo, Soap...the list is growing! All with BIBLE VERSES on them! WHOLESALE Prices! FREE Sign up! FREE Info!

  • Consumer Discount Center - Welcome to Consumer Discount Center your #1 on line shopping mall. Gifts, Religious items, Health, Advertising etc. A complete nutritional system to keep ordinary people on the extraordinary path of health and vitality!

  • Desert Ministries, Inc. - Help for those suffering grief, illness, divorce and other crisis.

  • Faith Program Stream - LifeStyle and Leadership - Options and tactics to integrate the spiritual life & spiritual calling of clergy and lay leaders, integrating professional excellence, & spiritual depth

  • Go Go Go Juice - Christian company offering quality prople pleasing products. all natural weightloss/energy capsules. only 2 a day. lose weight feel great. no jitters, rushes, nauseauness, nervous feelings. Fast, safe, very economical. endorsed by christian weightlif

  • Good Neighbor Ministries - If you are a Christian and you are temporarily off work due to physical inability, we would like to help you financially for 90 days.

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  • Hal's Diabetes Pages - Our diabetes page contains diabetes news, education, and help. We also have a weekly inspirational called Treasure Hunter to encourage those going through chronic illness or tough times.

  • Hatch Creek Publishing - Live chat; ICQ, PowWow, mIRC, for Panic Disorder, Homeschooling and Christian Fellowship -- also Forum Boards. Calorad, weight loss - wellness Board; Pen Pal List; PD-Overcomers ListServ; PANIC BUSTER, self-help manual for anxiety.

  • Health Education: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Drug Use - Complete,free,illustrated web book,written by Christians in a fun,easy to read format.Great for counseling and youth health education.

  • Health, wealth, and a long life! - Yes, God does want the best, for His children!

  • HIS Health Food Store - Christian-owned health food store offering up to 35% off on 5000+ name brand natural vitamins, sports nutrition, herbs, homeopathic remedies, health & beauty aides, & more! Secure on line ordering! Full time Christian workers buy at our cost!

  • Jane's Place on the Web - Site describing what a Parish Nurse Ministry is and what a parish nurse does. Includes monthly updated health/safety tips, Christian, Nursing/Medical and Family sites.

  • Joe Medi-Share, Regional Elder - The site of Joe Foreman, Regional Elder for The Christian Care Ministry and the Medi-share program. Medi-Share is a great alternative to health insurance for believers

  • LifeSource: healthy bodies for God's people - LifeSource is a place where we, the people of God can obtain not just health but healing through nutritional, doctor recommended food supplements, healing for pain in joints, weight loss, and more

  • Living Water Health Clinic - Promoting Optimal health and quality of life through Biblical and natural means.

  • My Body His Temple--A Guide to Christian Nutrition - Achieve the level of health that God intended for you since the Creation. Certified Nutritionist, Kenny Loy, gives biblical and scientific evidence for a return to the original diet.

  • Natural Christian - Health and nutrition site designed to encourage Christians to honor the Lord, including with their eating and with their bodies, in order that they may fulfill the plan of God in their lives.

  • Oh Taste And See - A place to find hlep, friends and encouragement, to share our faith in the Lord as we look to Him for strength and wisdom in losing weight.

  • Oxford Scientific Journal - Publishers of medical and health articles.Forum for scientific discussions,see Science Talk

  • PageWay Wellness Ministries - PageWay Wellness Ministries is dedicated to educating the body of Christ (especially in the inner cities) on losing weight, and overall wellness...spirit, soul and body.

  • Paul's Page - Please drop by and see my page. I have Hepitis C from a blood-trans. and need medical and finicial aide. God Bless You

  • Performance Nutrition - Genesis Nutrition is dedicated to improving your health and reaching your fitness goals! Checkout out our online specials and FREE Shipping!

  • Religious Items - Religious items, health, gifts & advertising.

  • Renewal of the Spirit institute - We provide ordination, training, certificates and degrees in theology, naturopahtic health, herbology, pastoral counseling, christian teachers education, homeschool teachers education and more.. For more information please visit our website.

  • Renovation: Genuine Freedom from Eating Disorders - A Biblical perspective on common eating disorders—What are they? Where do they come from? Is there treatment? Includes the author's personal testimony.

  • Rest Mininstries Chronic Illness/Pain Support - A nonprofit Christian organization serving people who live with chronic illness or pain, churches and caregivers, through support groups, chat, daily devotionals, newsletters and more.

  • Samaritan Ministries-medical exp met by Christians - Medical expenses met by Christian's paying their share, saying a prayer and sending a note. $50-$150 a month.

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  • Scriptures - A Great Business for Christians - Join Christians across the country in a great business opportunity. Scriptures. Free info pack. Web pages. Free sign up.

  • Scriptures All Natural Products Catalog - ALL Natural Herbal Products Hair, Skin, Bath and Health products....If you try them, you will want no others! Natural Herbs, Natural Minerals, Natural Plant less.... ~except QUALITY!

  • Sierra Tucson - Sierra Tucson is a psychiatric hospital and behavioral health center

  • Taylor'd Fitness - Health, Exercise and Fitness Videos with IDEA World presenter Christi Taylor

  • The Face Of AIDS Ministries - A personal testimony - living with AIDS - from a Christian perspective

  • The Worldwide Armor Of God Stop Smoking Page - A not-for-profit site presenting a Gospel-based method to stop smoking.

  • Through the Valley...Into His Presence - The online version of Katherine Clouse's series of meditations, Through the Valley...Into His Presence, based on Romans 8, for the Christian suffering serious, or terminal illness.

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