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  • A Ministry of The Open Heaven - The open heaven is a place of insight, inspiration, and indentification.

  • Absolute News - News of Interest to Christians - The source of breaking news of interest to Christians. Top news stories, religion news, Christian news, Israeli news, international and political news. Also sports, science, financial, technical, health news, and more. Updated several times a day.

  • Amen Ministries WebZine - A variety of topics including homeschooling, the Holy Land, and Teen views. We encourage readers to submit stories, testimonies or articles; we encourage personal webpages by offering webpublishing advice and help.

  • American Christian Voice, The - Christian Community news and views published monthly in Orlando FL or in your community. Underlying goal is to raise funds to feed our children.

  • American Wasteland - A Christian analysis of the spiritual vacuity of American culture.

  • Aporia: Thoughts along the Way - A home for struggling Christians that includes thoughts, poetry, short stories and movie reviews.

  • Beer Congregational Church - Friendly, English, Congregational Church with online monthly magazine. Message from our Pastor, Inspirational stories, Humour, Poems, Youth News, Prayers.

  • Branson church group travel discounts - Travel discounts, coupons and information for Branson, Missouri and Passion Play at Eureka Springs. For church group getaways, Christian youth groups, conferences, retreats, families and individuals.

  • Bulletin of Web Evangelism - A monthly email newsletter of ideas and developments in online outreach and Christian web page promotion. Also available to read online.

  • Buzz's Internet Magazine - Conservative political opinion, polls, links, and lots of fun!

  • cause - Metaphysical study of virtue ethics and consulting for applied ethics in business and personality, in an online newsletter published in New York City.

  • Christian Band List - Listen to and purchase music from your favorite Christian Recording artists, read articles, bios, discography, reviews, and more!!

  • Christian Community Network - Christian Weekly Magazine, Message Boards, 24-hour Christian Music (RealAudio), Games, Reuters News Feed

  • Christian Issues Today - Weekly commentary on contemporary issues affecting Christians.

  • Christian Reflections for Women - Free magazine for women of all ages with focus on spiritual health and wellness.

  • - Christian World News, Bible Prophecy News by Dr. Jack Van Impe, Christian News by Dr. Jack Hyles, Ken Lewis and many other Christian writers,Christian Online Shopping!

  • Conection Magazine - Connection Magazine is a Christian Publication being used by God to help facilitate unity in the Body of Christ . Breaking down walls of division by connecting Christian with Christian, church with church and unsaved lost sinner to Jesus.

  • Coram Deo - Coram Deo is a Christian e-zine helping those who know Jesus as their Savior to grow in Him.

  • echurch online weekly magazine - echurch online publishes weekly stories and articles that communicate Christian values, teachings, and worldview to an urban global community

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  • Focusing on God: His Character, Purposes, and Ways - An ezine designed to open windows revealing the vastness of God's ways. Otherwise who will fear God's judgment on sin or rejoice over Jesus' accomplishment? Cameron Paine, editor

  • Glory2Glory Christian Online Free Newsletter - newsletter answering the question: How do I live the Christian life? Contains the Meat of the Word.

  • God's Squad - Christian music e-zine with many columns including interviews, bios, polls, and reviews

  • God'sgrrl - A prolife Christian woman's view of current events. Acts 4:29

  • Good News, Etc. - San Diego's Christian Newspaper. Visit our site for news, articles, and links to other Christian sites.

  • Gospel House Magazine - Christian magazine, focusing on christians in music, art, business, sports and entertainment.

  • Group Publishing - Christian publisher whose mission is to encourage Christian Growth in children, youth and adults. Group is an independent, interdenominational publisher.

  • Heartlight Magazine - Positive Christian ezine updated weekly with new articles, art, Real Audio music, new releases, VRML

  • His Truth - His Truth is dedicated to Proclaiming the Majestry of Jesus Christ the Only Son of the One True Living God!

  • In Christ Ministries - An online Christian community offering a discussion forum,

  • Jesus-Web - Free Jesus website for Seekers spiritual impulses, bible reclections, meditation, prayer from the heart

  • Let the Sonshine Out E-zine - E-zine leading us out of dark shadows to the light in the SON. Come read mini sermons, poems, stories and share the Good News.

  • Light Magazine - Light Magazine brings you dynamic stories from around the world on how the Word of God is changing lives.

  • Maranatha Christian Journal - To report newsworthy events and activities affecting today's online Christian, to provide insightful commentary, and to increase the awareness and activism of believers regarding the moral issues of our day.

  • New Christian View - New Christian View is a way of looking at the relationship between Christianity and Culture. We believe that at its essence, life is a banquet, not a battle.

  • Peniel Ministries Argentina - This is a revival Christian church Mission in Argentina, featuring articles, sermons and a Christian magazine. This site is in English, Spanish, German and French..

  • Princeton Religion Research Center - The PRRC offers the latest statistics on religious belief and practice in the U.S., based on 60 years of Gallup Poll survey data.

  • Prophetic - Dreams & Visions - Supersite!! - Articles by Rick Joyner, Tommy Hicks, Robert Burnell, Andrew Strom, etc. The coming worldwide shaking, Reformation and Street-Revival.

  • Prophetic News and Analysis - Track current events from a Christian perspective. Also, read our on-line book that deals with the subject and controversy surrounding the anointing.

  • Random-Thought Devotions - Random-Thought for Consistent Encouragement. A variety of Christian devotionals. Get published or read other authors. Daily, uplifting messages never take more than a minute to read, but may take a lifetime to digest.

  • Relate Magazine - An online magazine for disabled Christians and those who care for us.

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  • Religion News Today - A worldwide news summary of Christianity today. This religious news service includes reports on church-state issues, religious freedom, persecution, abortion, missions, evangelism, and revival.

  • Revival Times Magazine - London City Church - Church, Jesus, christian, God, revival, revival, fire, anointing, praise, London, bible, school, prayer, salvation, teaching, study, living, magazine, living, holy, spirit, devil,

  • Sackcloth and Ashes - Christian satire and apologetics. Home of 'Heresy of the Month', 'True Psychic', and including a 'Key to Satire'

  • Shulamite E-zine (Deeper Christian Life) - For those who desire to experience the deeper Christian life. Articles featured are from those whose seeking of the eternal God allowed for an experiencing of His pleasure and intimacy.

  • SoulHunger Magazine - SoulHunger Magazine exists to provide a place for true communion with God. The followers of Christ are being called by his Holy Spirit to a relationship. This site provides insight and direction into how to develop and maintain that relationship.

  • Tallahassee Area Church News Magazine Online - News and information about Tallahassee area churches and ministries

  • The Christian Newsletter - The Christian Newsletter is a Free Email Newsletter for equipping Christians

  • The Christian Online Magazine - We offer Christian Articles written by excellent Christain Writers. We have loads of Christian info. You may submit your articles for possible publication in our Magazine. We have EVERYTHING you want or need so come on by.

  • The Christian Traveler - The Christian Traveler is the authoritative source for unbiased information on family-friendly and Christian oriented vacation ideas.

  • The Forerunner - Dedicated to helping Churches and Believers get through the purging experience of the Wilderness with a Free E-Zine, books, advice, seminars, prophecy, prayer, and more

  • The Internet Times - The Internet Times is a multimedia Internet magazine bringing you interesting people, music, places and events, with things to see, to hear, to buy, to enjoy and to think about.

  • the Quest-searching for the Truth - Christian based e-magazine(?) aimed at those who are looking for the Truth but there is no feeding of the Bible in their church or they have been forced to leave.

  • The Trumpet Magazine - A magazine for God's People, Blow ye the Trumpet in the Land, Je 4:5

  • Victorian Times Magazine - Spirit filled-faith building-bible believing-family oriented magazine. Victorian in them, Evangelistic in scope!

  • Welcome to Net-A-Mate! The best on-line cafe for meeting quality singles! - is a web-based introduction and information service!

  • Woman of Destiny - A Bible based magazine designed to encourage and empower women.

  • - The Christian's Gateway to the Web. - Your resource for great Christian Information. Chat rooms, study resources, local news and weather, free email, pastors resources, music resources, and teen and kids areas.

  • -- Christian newspaper - News, views, reviews and features from a Godly perspective to help Christians see behind today's headlines

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