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  • A Dynamic Church Growth Seminar - A New Mexico seminar teaching church growth through the glory of God in every believer, the Rema word, spiritual knowledge, Godís power, the five fold ministry, and todayís apostles.

  • A Spirit-Filled Life - Spirit filled study, based on the Word of God. Challenges believers to walk a spirit filled life by coming to truly know how.

  • Atlanta North Church of Seventh-day Adventists - A fellowship of believers doing church on purpose!

  • Christian Outfitters - A dedicated Christian discipleship resource center providing individuals, small groups, cell groups, church groups, and home schoolers with free studies, journal studies, leather journals and backpacks and more.

  • Christstyles - Christstyles is the premier Christian Lifestyle and Discipleship educational program. Through ongoing support, Christstyles keeps individuals accountable in their Spiritaul, Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Relational growth.

  • Church Task Force - Church Task Force coordinates teams of trained lay people located in major cities who serve local churches in the ministry described in Titus 1:5, described in todayís terms as organizational and leadership development.

  • Cornerstones of Personal Spiritual Growth - Guides and guidance on spiritual formation using traditional techniques described in contemporary language.

  • DISCIPLE - Articles designed to reinvigorate the church with the Holy Spirit and help the children of God realize His presence in their lives.

  • DISCIPLE - A site devoted to encouraging Christians to become more aware of the gift of the Holy Spirit. He is our guide, comforter, protector and teacher. Christ gave Him to us to help us glorify His Holy Name.

  • Disciples of the Cross - Real men commited to freedom by any means necessary. Our mission is to stomp the hell out of this world.

  • Discipleship Challenger - Discipleship Challenger is a daily read-only challenge mailed via e-mail. Free.

  • Discipleship Net - Proclaiming the radical call to discipleship, as Jesus said: Come, follow me. Teaching life in the Spirit.

  • Endtime Revelation / Wind of The Spirit - Wind of The Spirit is an endtimes ministry exhorting Christians through Videos, Music, Bible Studies and Current Events to study to show themselves approved rightly dividing the Word of truth.

  • Evangelical, Christian Teaching - Provides a wealth of evangelical, Christian teaching and resources, consisiting of tapes, tracts, sermons, booklets, and books, by Dr. Brian Allison

  • First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) - In essentials, unity: in nonessentials, liberty; in all things, charity.'

  • Free Ministry Audio Tapes! - Free audio tapes and Heart to Heart articles for the edification and discipleship of God's Church.

  • Free-gifts.com - The War Room of Spiritual Boot Camp - Discipleship of Pastors, Teachers, & all believers. Tracts on The Trinity, Dealing with Passion & Lust, Cult Answers, The I.R.S.*?, Santa Clause, Mind Control, E-

  • Freedom In Christ Ministries - This is a sight to be encouraged in the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. Come discover or rediscover Jesus Christ.

  • God's Warning to the Church - God's warning to the church, God's word to the Remnant

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  • Grace Place - In Depth Teaching for Spiritual Growth thru Sermons, Teachings, Bible Studies, Writings of Encouragement,, Poetry and Links. Dedicated to presenting a 'Not I but Christ' theme.

  • Harris Hill Mennonite Church - Buffalo, NY area Mennonite church, with Mennonite links.

  • Harris Hill Mennonite Church - Buffalo, NY area Mennonite church.

  • His Way Spiritual Growth Center - Spiritual growth based on the study of Matthew's Gospel.

  • In His Name Ministries, Inc. - Since 1983 In His Name Ministries has offered Christians an opportunity to help a neighbor. Selected cases of need are posted and updated daily on IHNM's site. 100% of designated donations go to the specified case, an uncommon opportunity for donor

  • In The Light Daily Devotion Ministries - In The Light is a daily devotion ministry dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Publications include:Poetry, Short Stories, Devotions, Discipleship, and ChristTraxx Devotions.

  • Inspiration Point - A true and genuine 'inspiration point' where one can draw closer to God and learn His Truths.

  • Jay Forrest Ministries - A full gospel Bible teaching ministry promoting holiness, revival, and communion with God through discipleship seminars, literature, and the internet.

  • John Bell's Homepage - Recovery from disabling accident. Family devotion. Personal testimony, and witnessing.

  • Kingdom Advancement Ministries - Kingdom Advancement Ministries specializes in evangelism and discipleship training to prepare God's people to become the army of the Lord.

  • Lifeline Ministries - Lifeline Ministries is a outreach to homesick prodigals and repenting backsliders. We offer affordable Christian housing and discipleship training.

  • Lighting The Path - GREAT PERSONALIZED GIFT IDEA! Check out these unique, hand-made, and comparatively inexpensive gifts called lights. Lights are deco. slates (suitable for hanging) w/verses on them.The praying done before creating each one makes them true blessings!

  • MANNA - A daily devotional geared toward Christian growth.

  • Mission for All - Mission for All is a place where Christians can get resources to draw closer to God and restore fellowship.

  • NITA'S NOTES - Christian Resources - Sharing the Secrets of Knowing Christ and Making Him Known. Poems, illustrations, quotations, articles, humor, recipes.

  • ONE LORD, ONE FAITH & ONE GREAT WEBSITE! - Concerning the Word of God,something for the whole family,bible studies,christain humor,prayer,living in todays world

  • Problem-Solution messages - 200 Problem-Solution messages for some of life's most perplexing problems and their Biblical solutioins

  • Questions on faith, religion and spiritual life linked to answers. - Get your questions about faith, God, Christianity and spiritual life clearly answered! This is on Pastor Simon's teaching website.

  • Ruddmyster - Dedicated to spreading God's love................For He died for us and rose again on the 3rd day, what have you done for God lately?

  • School of Spiritual Peace - A place to learn the Wisdom that builds a life of harmony and peace. Free tutorial, spiritual development program and progressive course.

  • Scripture of the Week - Each week a new scripture is posted on this site for the encouragement of the brethren.

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  • Shepherd's Heart Ministries - A sheep feeding site. Seeking lost sheep and bringing them home to the good Shepherd, and nourishing those who are already abiding in His sheepfold. We encourage you to send us your prayer requests and testimonies.

  • SoulHunger - Food for those that hunger & thirst after God. A place where true communion with God is furthered, in the vein of

  • Spirit Soul Body - Discover the power of the cross. Not only are our sins forgiven, we are also free from the sinful nature of the flesh.

  • Spiritual Journey Press - Explore the endless possibilities of your spiritual journeys! Spiritual Journey Press offers books and CD-ROMs designed to foster spiritual growth and faithfulness to God.

  • Streams in the Desert - an interactive forum dealing with current events and fellowship

  • Sunday School lessons and Church Growth Articles - Sunday School Lessons. Church Growth Articles. Articles on Christian communication. Articles on discipleship and Christian growth.

  • The Bill Armstrong Home Page - A collection of sermons, and bible studies. Those who will enjoy these teachings will be those who enjoy Packer, Spurgeon, Calvin, Sproul, Wiersbe, Epp, Morgan, Lloyd-Jones etc.

  • The Duty is Ours Home Page - Christians are expected to have God's values permeate their whole lives. Politics is no different. We must stand firm. Moral values are most critical as all else will eventually fail. Read why.

  • The Letters. Letters of Faith and Righteousness for Seekers and Disciples. - The Letters are for those seeking to know about God, His Son, His Holy Spirit and His Truth, and for His disciples seeking a closer walk with Him.

  • The Potters Hand - A site for the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ

  • The Write Answer - The Write Answer megasite offers (1) an online digest for committed Christians, (2) Mommy & Me! for family fun, (3) innoviative online Worship Service and (4) Servants' Servant website services.

  • Tres Dias of Northern New Jersey - Tres Dias is a Christian ecumenical weekend experience for men & women that develops leaders for our churches & environments.

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