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  • jacques poujol, psychologist and writer - the books and seminars of a well known writer from France, specialist of christian counselling

  • A Christian Counselor - FREE ON-LINE CHRISTIAN COUNSELLING: Information and guidance for people with marital or family problems; addiction; bereavement; crisis and/or stress related issues,by Certified Counsellor. HAVE FAITH IN GOD !! Mark11:23

  • a1 financial services free debt consolidate quote - financial services debt consolidate edbts credit cards lower interest lower monthly payments

  • Abortion From a Christian Perspective - Discussion forum on abortion from a Christian perspective!

  • Alabaster Box Ministries - We offer Biblical Counseling to families, parents & children, individuals, and couples. Please step in to see who we are and what we believe.

  • All About Cohabiting - Extensive discussion of the reason NOT to live together before marriage

  • Barnabus Christian Counseling Network, Ltd. - An internet-based network of Christian counselors offering the most flexible and functional counseling found online. Barnabus offers practical assistance in achieving a full and healthy Christian life.

  • Beacon of Hope - Welcome to The Beacon of Hope, a page dedicated to sharing biblically-based words of hope, comfort, and encouragement; to appreciating the fullness of God's love, grace,& forgiveness Christ, the only foundation for true and eternal hope....

  • Broken Chains Ministry - Broken Chains is about addiction recovery.

  • Christian Concepts For Living - The purpose of Christian Concepts for Living is to speak and teach God's word in order to change lives so that people can be what God wants them to be - a visible expression of Christ. Gal 2:20

  • Christian Counseling & Consultation, Dr.P.M. Sharp - Displays the counseling services of Dr. Sharp, Christian Psychologist, Licensed to practice in Wilmington, North Carolina. Contact information included.

  • Christian Counseling & Training Center - An interdenominational ministry in Richmond, VA, providing lay Biblical counseling & classes to train counselors and believers in Biblical problem solving for daily living.

  • Christian Employment Resource - Christian resume posting/job posting for Churches, Minsitries, and Christian businesses

  • Christian Financial Ministries - Free, Bible-based consumer credit counseling and budget training services. Consolidate and get out of debt with no new loans or bankruptcy.

  • Christian LifeSkills for Personal and Spiritual Growth - We provide professional & confidential counseling services, resources, information, guidance, & support for personal & spiritual growth

  • Christian Success Coaching - The Christian Success Coaching we offer helps you to take God-centered actions in your life. Team up with one of our Christian Success Coaches, and begin producing the Fruit of the Spirit in your life which is the foundation for all forms of success

  • - The ultimate directory of Christian meantal health specialists

  • Compassion Pregnancy Center-Monterey Peninsula - Women helping women thru unexpected pregnancies, with the love of Christ.

  • Counseling people with problems by email - Ideas and counseling issues in relation to evangelistic web-sites and helping web-site visitors with problems.

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  • Covenant Keepers - This publication is written expressly on issues dealing with marital conflicts and how to solve them through the application of biblical principles.

  • Cyber Counselling - Free Christian counselling online

  • Eighth Day Life Center - The Eighth Day Life Center is a Christian ministry of healing based upon the Benedictine community lifestyle.

  • Ellel Ministries International - Ellel Ministries is a nondenominational Ministry which offers training and ministry in Christian Healing and Counseling.

  • Esther's unusual story - A handicapped girl and her relationship with God - Esther and Jesus - a strong team

  • Faith Without Works - Free counseling for those hurting, lonely, or in need of someone to speak who cares. Providing solutions with the power of Christ and the word of God through Faith!

  • Freedom Street - Freedom Street is a non-profit ministry providing vital answers for spiritual, emotional and physical needs. Freedom Street ministers to the broken hearted, to those who are fearful and depressed but desire to Step into Freedom and Confidence.

  • GCN Online Guidance - A online help system offering Christ-centered guidance. A helpful message along with appropriate Scripture verses are also available. Gospel Communications Network (GCN). Online Christian Resources. A Ministry of Gospel Films, Inc.

  • Good News Ministries International - We can help your church or fellowship establish a Deliverance & Prayer Counseling Ministry.

  • GOOD NEWS MINISTRIES - This is a Prayer Counseling and Teaching Ministry to bring restoration to wounded spirits and liberty to the captives-Isa. 61:1-4 Deliverance is the Children's Bread-Mark 7:27

  • Grace Fellowship Recovery Church - We teach the Message of Grace, inner healing and spiritual warfare for total recovery, victory and lasting spiritual peace. We practice free Christian counseling in a House Church of safety and love.

  • Haima Christian Clinic - A 14 day inhouse clinic of anointed intensive ministry teaching how to overcome sexual addiction and other strongholds

  • Healing Love Outreach Ministries - Healing Love Outreach Ministries, Inc is a interdenominational, non-profit, Christian organization dedicated to ministering to the needs of hurting women.

  • Healing Touch Ministries - We supply books, free training and support for churches and home groups in leading recovery groups. We disciple leaders to lead groups addressing anger, family dysfunction, addictions, sexual abuse survivors and eating disorders. The course takes pot

  • His Mansion Ministries - His Mansion Ministries is a community of Christians using Biblical counsel to help dysfunctional young adults. Our counseling course and missions training make our program a fine choice for service.

  • Imagine That Ministries - A ministry of hope and healing for homosexuals and sex addicts seeking freedom through Jesus Christ.

  • index.htm - Christian counselling, Deliverance, Healing, Salvation in Jesus Christ and Israel

  • International Association of Pastoral Counselors, Inc. - Receive your earned board certification as a Pastoral Counselor! Welcome to our site.

  • Kesed Seminars - Kesed Seminars is a unique combination of Christian communicators and counselors. Through solid, biblically based seminars, outreaches, and small groups, we bring about profound life change within individuals.

  • Klesis Ministries - A ministry dedicated to helping Christians abide in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. We offer inner healing counseling, marriage/family counseling, career counseling, spiritual direction and retreats for individuals and groups.

  • Knowing God Personally - A guide to developing an intimate relationship with God. How to receive God's love and have peace and joy in the midst of suffering and pain.

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  • Love & Action - Love & Action is a Christian ministry offering help and hope to men, women, and children who are HIV+ or living with AIDS.

  • Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota - Responding to the commission of Jesus Christ, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota helps people to experience wholeness, reconciliation, and economic and social justice

  • Mending the Nets - A healing ministry for Christian Pastors/Church Leaders and their families who are been forced out or who have resigned from the ministry.

  • Ministry to Ministers - Ministry to Ministers offers the confidential, caring hand of friendship to ministers of the Gospel.

  • Passionate Love - Experience the passionate love of your Heavenly Father

  • Pastor-In-Residence Ministry, Inc. - A ministry dedicated to the restoration of exited pastors back into full-time Christian ministry.

  • Pathway Wellness Center - Pathway Wellness Center is a group of Christian psychiatrists, counselors and therapists whose goal is to see you made whole.


  • Ponder Page, The - Find out how faith in God through Jesus Christ has helped one person find peace from panic attacks and panic disorder.

  • Pressing Onward - His Mansion offers a one week course in establishing and maintaining church-based recovery groups. It is a carefully developed curriculum, based upon Biblical principles and tested in practice.

  • Setting Captives Free - Setting people free from pornography through Jesus Christ

  • Southwest Psychotherapy Associates - Christian Counseling

  • Study Credit - Provides continuing education credit to Christian counselors for reading books and taking quizzes. Approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC #5818).

  • The Bad Monkey Out-Reach Center for the Suicidal - Get-that-monkey-off-of-your-back. An outreach site for suicidal people. This site boldly proclaims Jesus as the alternative for suicide. Includes a suicide chat room for desperate on-line seekers.

  • The Center, Inc.-A Place of Hope - Treatment Center for eating disorder, anger, sexual abuse, alcohol/drug, family issues, stress, depression. Whole Person-emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, relational, nutritional. Books, Tapes, Reports, Supplements

  • The Corrymeela Community - Catholics and Protestants working together for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. Youth volunteers can live and work here.

  • The Lion and the Lamb - For the bruised reed and the smouldering wick

  • tough Love of Christ Ministries - Tough love and Suffering

  • Turning Point - First Call for Help! - Turning Point provides services to victims of domestic abuse.

  • Whole Person Counseling - Articles on depression, addictions, ADD, fears, anxieties, personality disorders, moral failures, abuse, generational curses, spiritual bondages, emotional hurts, family, and links.

  • Word of the Cross Teaching Web Site - Teaching web site for the serious disciple. Counseling, newsletter, prophetic, networks and support group.

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  • WORDS FOR COURAGEOUS LIVING - courage; encouragement; devotional; hope; burdens; calamity; bondage; peace; strength;

  • Worley's ID Profile - WIDP is a temperament assessment profile for adults/youth to assess your social, leadership, and intimacy needs and desires. Produces an 18 page personal profile report .

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