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  • 2K Wayside: Your Safe Haven on the Net! - We are a Christian based site that has message boards, christian chat rooms, news, sports, computer sales, and a whole lot more! We believe that Jesus Christ is LORD! and that he died for our sins! AMEN! We strive on great customer service!

  • AllBoot.Com - Makers of quality Linux and Linux/Windows computers with a choice of RedHat, SuSe, and Debian Linux

  • Ark Webs - Clean Free Stuff - Ark Webs is full of the best clean Free stuff, FREE Web Hosting for Christian sites, how to articles, web design help file. We are here to help visitors find nformation quickly. Get it for FREE!

  • Audio Bible - Audio Bible is new Windows 95 Bible Software. It is based on Alexander Scourby's narration of the King James Version of the Bible. You get Alexander Scourby's entire world acclaimed recording of the Bible on one CD-ROM disk.

  • AW Computing - Christian-owned reseller of quality custom-built IBM compatible clone system using quality name brand and generic components.

  • Bo's Family and Ministry Homepage - A family and ministry site where I can share the Word of God with anyone who happens by. Also a great opportunity to learn how to have your own webpage and make money too.

  • BriStar Communications - BriStar Communications is the most inexpensive Web Service Provider around. We want to work with YOU to make your web page the best.

  • Christian Art Screen Savers - Inspirational, dramatic and scenic. Computer generated art by theo, as free downloadable screen savers.

  • Christian Computing Magazine - Applying Tomorrow's Technology to Today's Ministries.

  • Christian Internet START PAGE - Christian Internet START PAGE, Christian-specific search engines, downloads, music, animation, cyber church, Ask the Pastor, The Layman's Corner, Kakarikis Korners, more...

  • Christlicher internet dienst - Christian Internet Services in Germany.

  • CleanWeb Filtered Internet Service Provider - Nationwide Filtered Internet Service Provider for families and business. Incorporates three distinct filters to screen out pornography, violence, and other types of offensive

  • Commonwealth Technical Services - Family-owned, Christian computer consulting and internet provider company, offering custom built computer services, free online quotes, web design, web hosting, web promotions, and internet access.

  • COMPAQ Authorised Service Centre , Technical Support Center - COMPAQ Authorised Service Centre , Technical Support Center

  • Computer Training International - Computer Training International provides on-site training in byte-size sessions so the learners can digest and retain the information.

  • Computers and Software Development - CIBS is built upon solid Biblical principles and engaged in the business of computer hardware, and software developing. We stand here with you to equip, strengthen, and support worldwide evangelism.

  • Covenant Communications - There's nothing you can't find at Covenant Communications... We proudly offer long distance service, pagers, cellular/PCS, satellite systems, computers and more at great prices.

  • JC Rules Computers - A Christian company specializing in providing custom computer systems sales, service, and support. Our new online catalog has over 65,000 items for you.

  • Kingdom Software - Dedicated to creating wholesome Christian games and programs that glorify God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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  • Latreuo Computer Software and Services - Computers/Software/Web Page Hosting/Closeouts and Special Deals Run by a Christian Businessman/Evangelist

  • Lighthouse Business Services

  • Ministry Designs - Christian Web Design and Site H - Your premier source for Christian web design and site hosting. Serving Christian businesses, civic organizations, churches and ministries.

  • Mouse Pads... with a Message/Gifts + Weekly Contest & Free Giveaways - Christian computer mousepads which are designed to frame the truths and proclamations of Christianity in a variety of attractive, distinctive and engaging visual settings. Our goal is to both encourage the church and shine a light in the darkness.

  • - computer repair

  • OSPRE - Spiritual, Religious Resource Directory - Directory of religious, spiritual retreats, accommodations, resources, companies, ministries, individuals. Contact information for organizations not online. Includes businesses, such as B&Bs;, bookstor

  • PC help: trouble-shooting tips on computer problem - Help pages that are not too technical for hardware, software and operating system problems. A section of the Web Evangelism Guide.

  • PointOfView316 - resources for Christians interested in computer technology

  • RC5 For Jesus - RC5 For Jesus is a Christian Team. We seek to glorify God in everything.

  • Seek - Seek is an Internet directory for Christians with Christian and secular links. A great place to start for those new to the web.

  • Seek--Seek Him first - Seek is an Internet directory for Christians with Christian and secular links. A great place to start for those new to the web.

  • Selebrate Jesus Christian Graphics - A gallery of Christian computer Images and wallpapers that I made. Lots of them from Psalms!

  • Servants' Servant - FEAR NOT! -- Servants' Servant offers inspired websites with worry-free no-fee guarantee, perhaps free hosting. Unbeatable low one-time fee provides beautiful discipleship showcase that will glorify God!

  • SON-LINE Web Hosting and Design - Full service website design and hosting. We build trust into every site. We offer the latest technology, graphic design, website hosting, at reasonable rates. Check out our FREE for 3 hosting special! SON-LINE... sites with TRUST built in.

  • Spiritual Books, Resources - the Osiem BookCentre - Spiritual books, author chats and book reviews. Searchable directory of titles, links to publisher sites, and online ordering services.

  • St.Peter's.Net - download cool christian games for free: War in Heaven, Qoheleth, Pastor 3D, Captain Bible, Advendtures with Chickens...

  • Stained Glass Software

  • The Christian Webmaster's Association - CWEB is a world wide network of Christian webmasters sharing time, energy, information, and resources in the name of and for Christ.

  • The Osiem Learning Centre - Online Education - personal spiritual development and ecumenical faith programs, long-term, chronic care, caregiver support workshops, life-long learning for clergy and lay church leadership

  • Truth Solutions Group - Providing Internet development solutions for Christians at an affordable rate. Church hosting at 5 dollars a month. Will work with other missions and business for a price you can afford.

  • Tyndale College & Seminary - TYNDALE College and Seminary --- formerly Ontario Bible College, Ontario Theological Seminary

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  • Welcome to Yeshua's Ministry - Commercial Distributors of Christian Software, Internet Service, FREE, free, FREE SOFTWARE, Online Bible, christian software, Free, Christian, free, Midi File, mid, midi, music, Music, Baptist, Blugrass, bluegrass, classical, Classical, POP,

  • World Connect - BBS for the Christian of any (or Non) denomination.

  • Worldwide Computer Services - We are dedicated to providing service to small businesses and home users, but have the knowledge and resources to help the largest of customers. We operate our company on the teachings of Jesus Christ and we

  • Year 2000 (Y2K) Problems........ are insignificant - Y2K and Millennial problems are insignificant compared to everything else that is coming!

  • Zion Graphics - CD Media

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