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The comments below are unsolicited responses we have received over the past few years from both current clients and potential customers. If you have any similar feedback, feel free to write to:

Thanks for your time and help. You have always gotten back to me quickly and that's a pretty rare thing to find when it comes to tech support etc.

Klayton Scott, Bethpage, NY

I am very impressed with the prices and service that you offer. Yours seems, indeed, to be a very good deal. The fibre-optic T-3 is like lightning from here - nice one!

Pete Palm,, Jakarta, Java

"Keep up the good work with Word.Net!! As far as we at Direct Connect Marketing are concerned, you're the best thing going! And that's what we tell our clients. "DCM" is very satisfied with the quick, friendly service that we always get from Word.Net. Our clients are very happy with the reasonable prices. This winning combination of top-notch service and bottom line pricing allows us to offer excellent Internet-based marketing packages to our customers at very competitive rates! In turn, it helps our business to grow. Thank you Dave Holst and everyone at Word.Net!"

Jim Macdonald, Owner - Direct Connect Marketing,

I am transfering my site from a different service provider due to lack of speed, and I'd be happy to be part of the Spread the Word program.

Jemal Diamond, Chicago, IL

I'm excited about listing with you guys and I can't wait to get started!

God bless!
Rhonda Bartlett, The Church At Lexington, Kentucky,

I'm a new page builder and I'm looking for a host server! I'm looking for a host to trade services with as far a I will direct my new customers to your server. Your prices are right in line with what I have been quoting !

Dean LeClair,

Thank you for the fast response! Good and fast service means a lot to far I like your prices and service and the fact that you careful as to what kind of sites you host.

Ed Holmgren,

You may remember me from a month ago when I was shopping around for a webhost. Well, the search is over - I just signed up with your server yesterday.

Patrick Power, Richmond, VA

I am building a site for my chuch. We have a college ministry coffee house...I was very impressed with your prices.

Mark E De Santis,

Your prices are very reasonable, My isp wants to charge me $25 dollars a month... I would like to get your service.

Robert Oytun, San Diego North County

Your prices are *really* good.

John Clare,

I love your prices - I think they are the lowest on the net.

Nigel Axelrad, Bank Farm, UK

We are looking for a web host for our new web page, and I've noticed that your prices are quite attractive.

Greco Brothers, Inc.,

Your prices are the best I have found on the Internet.

Michael Novello,

I am looking for a web service provider that can give a good price, and your prices look quite good...

Madhudvisa Dasa,

Your prices are great

Ikai Lan,

Hi, I love your prices!!! I want my domain transfered to your servers. Thank You!

Neill G

Wonderfully great prices and service!

Kenneth Gardner, Key West, FL

I've been surfing around for quite a while checking out hosting deals and I have to say that you guys are off the planet.

Andrew Hassell ,

I must say that your site does have the best prices that I can see and I would love to have my site added to your list.

Myr Tel @

The service you offer appears to be a very good option for us.

Kevin Culp

I searched for my requirements using the Web Host Directory engine... The search returned only about 8 to 10 hits. I checked each one out, and looked like the best deal.

I was impressed when I found that you also will register the site with all
the big search engines/directories. I only have one question...

How do I sign up!

Best Regards,
Jim Macdonald,

You are really great people with this great opportunity you show...Thanks a lot in advance

Ahmad Essayyed,

Thanks for your prompt response. Impressive!

Juan Castellanos,

Hi.. My name is Ed and I have a hopepage on AOL. I am running out of disk space on AOL for my pictures...You prices look very attractive.

Ed Levine,

Your prices sound very reasonable!

Patricia Ledbetter,

Your prices and amount of web space are very competitive if not better than most.

Christopher O'Bryan,

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