Volume II, Issue 1
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The BIG News: HIS-Net is under new ownership!

HIS-Net is now owned and operated by Word.Net Communications, a
Christian Web Solution Provider who's been providing reliable,
cost-effective web services to Businesses, Churches, and Ministries
since 1995. We plan to enhance the Christian Resources available
on HIS-Net by:
1) Publishing the HIS-Net Christian Newsletter weekly
2) Cleaning up the database to assure fewer "dead end" clicks
3) Adding exciting new categories to HIS-Net, including Drama & Expanded Business Listings
4) Bringing back 'Featured Site Of The Week', 'Ministry Of The Week' & HIS-Net WebResource
5) Hosting monthly contests (contact us if you have an idea or giveaway)
6) Moving to a faster high-speed server
7) Offering comprehensive, affordable Christian WebSite Hosting

The mission of HIS-Net remains the same:
We want to help Christians, churches and ministries spread the Word and share
their ministries using the World Wide Web. Our vision is to help believers
'stake a claim for Jesus on the Internet' and lead unbelievers to Christ.

Have a blessed week, and until next time, may the Lord richly
bless you and your ministries. Please pass this newsletter on
to a friend.

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Another reason to celebrate....

The HIS-Net Christian Newsletter is one year old! The first issue was
published on April 12, 1997, and we now have over 2,500 subscribers!
In honor of this momentous occasion, we have compiled an archive of all
the previous issues of the newsletter. Volume I is now available online at
Stop by and see how we've progressed, especially if you're a new subscriber!

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Each week, one ministry listed in the HIS-Net Christian
Resources Directory will be selected as our MINISTRY OF THE
WEEK. Please visit their web site and take a few seconds to
pray over this ministry. Ask the Lord to strengthen those
involved in His work and to protect them from the enemy.

This week's MINISTRY OF THE WEEK is:

Mililani Baptist Church
HIS-Net Category:

"Aloha and welcome to the Mililani Baptist Church Home Page.
Click here to find out what ministries this Hawaiian Church can
offer you and your family."

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* F E A T U R E D W E B S I T E O F T H E W E E K *

Each week, we will select our FEATURED WEB SITE OF THE WEEK.
Each web site is selected because of its unique and different
uses of web technology. It might have sound. It might have
neat graphics. It might have interesting interactive features.
It probably has an artistic flair to it. It has something that
we thought was above the average web site. And the best thing
is... it's a Christian web site !!

As long as you have a web site listed on HIS-Net, you qualify
each week. Don't have your site listed yet? Go right now to .


The Lampost Theatre Company
HIS-Net Category:

"National touring ministry since 1980, unique theatrical performances,
and training for drama ministry/missions.
Site includes:
1. Drama ministry resources (scripts, training videos, make-up);
2. Touring Company info;
3. Creative web projects."
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URGENT -----
Alabama Needs Your Help After Being Hit By A Major Tornado

The body of Christ located near Birmingham, Alabama needs your help.
A major tornado hit our area (4-8-98) killing 33 people and leaving
1,023 without homes, cars, or possessions. Four churches were
demolished, one school was totally destroyed, and much destruction
has taken place. The people of Alabama need your prayers and help.

Many people are without homes. Some of these people have insurance,
many of them do not. Even the ones that have insurance have to wait
until they can get financial relief and they are totally without
anything except for the clothes on their backs.

Please consider asking your church to take up a special offering for the
many people in Alabama without homes. They can send the money to
Fellowship West Church. We will be sure that needy families and churches
will receive the money promptly.

Fellowship West Church
Jimmy Carrier - Pastor
201 Florence Street
Hueytown, Al. 35023
Please put a note in the envelope specifying that the money is for Tornado Victims.

A receipt will be sent to you for your tax records. This is a tax-deductable contribution.

Thank you very much for your help!
Find Out More Information by going to this page:

* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *

Sponsoring New Sites this month is: Affordable Christian WebHosting for Businesses, Churches, and Ministries

We are dedicated to offering you the best values in Christian WebHosting on the 'Net. You
can set up your own web domain (http://www.YourOwnName.Com ) with 25 Megabytes of
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Below are a sampling of the newest sites listed on HIS-Net. As always,
a complete list of new sites submitted to HIS-Net are listed at Note that we don't review the
sites, but merely list some of the sites submitted to the Christian
Resource Directory on HIS-Net that we thought might be of interest
to our readers.

We hope and pray that you find some that edify, educate, entertain,
and enthuse you today. If you find a web site that is valuable to
you, please take a moment to email the web site owner to just let
them know what you thought of their web site.

Throughout the week, please continue to pray for these web site owners
as we all continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ on the web.

1) The Pastors Wife's Home Page - Pastor's wife shares her love for the Lord,
family, church and ministry and some homey touches..also Pastors wives' support page.
Category: Personal Home Pages,

2) South Manor Church of the Nazarene - People serving People... for Jesus' sake
Category: Churches - Nazarene,

3) The Bright Spot on the Web - A Christian web site full of resources such as
information about Madalyn Murray and her crusade to remove prayer and the
Bible from public schools, and much more.
Category: Historical,

4) Word of Hope Full Gospel Ministries - To bring the gospel message of
Jesus to the lost and to bring spiritual renewal to the believer.
Category: Evangelism,

5) Johnny The Baptist - My site is simply to tell how only CHRIST can
change a persons life. There's power in the his blood that can wash our sins away!
Category: Churches - Baptist,

6) Denney for Jesus Christ -David E. Denney's personal homepage on
the World Wide Web, focused on God's Word and following Jesus Christ.
Category: Personal Home Pages,

7) - RealAudio, Bible Lessons, Articles, Online Book, and Quotes.
Category: Healing,

8) Children's Ministry Training Institute - An on-line, free training
center for those people who would like to be more effective, and those
who would like to work with children at a Christian facility.
Category: Childrens' Ministries,

9) Smith Quiver - Chrisitan, Big family, Home Education, Down syndrome,
Homemaking tips, Menus and Recipes
Category: Family,

10) The Good Samaritan Homeless Center for Women with Children -
Spiritual Gifts Ministries is a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization.
For more information concerning our National Emergency Motel Network
for battered and homeless women with children in crisis, visit
Category: Womens' Ministries,

[Note: these listings above are chosen from some of the new
sites listed on HIS-Net Christian Network. We provide them
here as a resource to help our readers discover other Christian
web sites. While we will attempt to verify that each link points
to a web site that glorifies God, proclaims their faith in Jesus
Christ, and that no offensive or irresponsible material is
referenced, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case
for every pointer below. Do not believe everything you read. Test
the claims against the written Word of God, the Bible. May the
Lord Jesus guide you as you enjoy HIS 'net.]
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How do you get your web site *on* this list? We go through and verify
each web site submitted to HIS-Net Christian Network. If we find one
that looks like it would be of interest to others on our mailing list,
we add it to the New Sites On HIS-Net section in this Newsletter.

These are not necessarily the best or top web sites we've seen. We
don't provide a review of the web site. We just list those which we
think might be of interest. Please do not email back requesting to be
added in the Newsletter. Please submit your web site first at the
Submit URL page.

We don't list Commercial/Business web sites in the New Sites On HIS-Net
section. If you would like your business advertised in this Newsletter,
please see for information and

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