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How do you get your web site *on* this list? Well, first, you have to
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These are not necessarily the best or top web sites we've seen. We
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Christian Banner eXchange UPDATE:

If you haven't joined CBX yet, you'll want to check it out. This is a
free service helping you advertise your Christian web site amongst
other quality Christian web sites. This service is much like other
major banner exchange programs you see on the WWW, except that all
member web sites are Christian-owned!

We've made many changes over the past couple of months. Here's just a
brief list of some of the major changes. For details, please see .

1) We've now added a SECOND banner swapping program. It's for banners
400x60 pixels. The Original progam is for 400x40 pixel banners. The
same basic rules and conditions apply. And, the 400x40 program is NOT
going away. You can sign up for either or BOTH!

2) You can upload your banner from your local hard drive.

3) When you submit a new banner, if your banner meets the file size
requirement, then your banner is uploaded and updated to your account
immediately. No more waiting up to 48 hours. We still verify each banner
to make sure that it meets other requirements.

4) The Member Directory is ready. You can search the Member Database,
too. What we need is for every member to go to the Member Page and
specify a category strictly for the Member Database.

5) Site Type Blocking is also in place. We have split up the member
sites into Non-Commercial and Commercial sites. You can choose to block
one or the other types from your web site, or choose NO blocking at
all. This way, all qualified member sites would display on your site.

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Trying your best to promote *your* web site? We have some links to
Christian sites and other sites to help you promote your web site on
the WWW. It just takes some time to do it. Check out and .

Also, if you are a Windows 95 user and would like to submit your URL
to over 350+ sites, you'll want to check out The Spider for Windows 95.
Download a trial version of The Spider for FREE. Try it out and see how
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Are you looking for a Christian Internet Service Provider who filters
out the pornographic sites? Well, Global Family Network is getting
ready to launch its new Internet Access Program in this month. Sign up
now and learn how to get your friends and family to join you. By
signing up others, you get part of your monthly access paid back to
you. For more information, please see .

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* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *

1) The Christian Connection - A meeting hall for the exchange of
thoughts! Use it for FREE, Fellowship, Praise & Worship! A way to meet
with others (Family & Friends) A LOCAL CALL, no matter if it's around
the world or around your block! All in "REAL TIME".

2) Low Cost Software for Home, School, Church, and Business - G&R;
Cybermedia Group site allows you to download free, evaluation versions
of low cost IBM/compatible software, free puzzles, samples, play games
on line, learn about free business opportunities, and more!

3) Christian Chat - Christian Chat is for all. This is becoming one of
the best christian chat places on the net. This is a Java Chat Room
from the people from ParaChat.

4) In His Presence - Website devoted to prayer and worship of Jesus
Christ. Prayer messageboard to post prayer requests. God bless.

5) AAA Sermon Source - 86th Avenue Church of Christ, sermons, Bible
studies, Christian links

6) Free Christian Downloads - Free Christian software download links.

7) Russ Paluszcyk - Stay True Ministry - A music ministry to encourage,
comfort, and challenge the church in their relationship with Christ.

8) Stronghold Overcoming Strategy - Overcome strongholds, addictions,
behavior problems, of all unchristlike behavior through this proven
word based ministry. Handbook available.

9) Cross Way Publications - Page dedicated to spreading the gospel
through the medium of poetry.

10) ChristianSites GlobeLink - Christian Websurf Launcer. A matrix
for Christian Search Engines, Indices and websites from all over the

11) PPBC - The Point - The Pheasant Point Baptist Church Online -
The Pheasant Point Baptist Church is located in O'Fallon, Missouri.
We are a purpose driven, Southern Baptist Church, existing to glorify
God and educate and encourage God's Children.

12) Marriage & Family Magazine Internet Edition - Bringing God's
message of hope and encouragement to the marriages & families of North
America and the world. Watch the TV show, read timely articles related
to your marriage & family, and get powerful educational family
resources by Jimmy Evans.

13) The Letters. Letters of Faith and Righteousness for Seekers and
Disciples. - The Letters are for those seeking to know about God, His
Son, His Holy Spirit and His Truth, and for His disciples seeking a
closer walk with Him.

14) Netfisher Ministries - We are an Internet Ministry and Mission
providing weekly stories and artwork to motivate readers to come to
faith in Jesus Christ.

15) PageWay Wellness Ministries - PageWay Wellness Ministries is
dedicated to educating the body of Christ (especially in the inner
cities) on losing weight, and overall wellness...spirit, soul and body.

16) Questions on faith, religion and spiritual life linked to answers.

17) Draw All Ministries - We are an art related Christian Web Site.
We offer FREE Web Space to qualified artists and Christian Organizations.

18) Topic search covering a wide range of Christian faith materials.

19) Revival a Passion for Evangelism - Greetings in the name of the
Lord. Jesus is coming soon, the Bible tells us to work while it is yet
day, for the night is coming that no man can work. My desire is to see
the world saved before the return of Christ.

20) Ambassador Christian Training School - Residential discipleship
training specializing in urban and foreign missions.

21) Brother's Keeper - Interceding for the Church Persecuted - A site
for education about and resources in support of persecuted Christians

22) A Wise Steward's Homeschool - Web Chat, Forum, freebies, fun, and
the Carpel Tunnel Site of the Week! Homeschooling for frugal families.

23) Yeshua in Bible Code - How the name of Yeshua the Messiah is
found as a Bible Code in the Hebrew Scriptures. (Yeshua is the name
of Jesus in Hebrew).

24) Amazing Love Ministries - To heal those broken in heart and
bruised in spirit. To speak a word in season to those who are weary.
To those have been held captive, free.

25) Reformation Ministries - Internet Outreach to the glory of Jesus
Christ! Downloadable teaching tracts and devotional materials.
Contemporary Christian music and books available. FREE END-TIME BOOK

26) PowerSurge - Free Methodist Youth Event

27) Victorian Times Magazine - Spirit filled-faith building-bible
believing-family oriented magazine. Victorian in them, Evangelistic
in scope!

28) Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online - The Internet's top listing of
crisis pregnancy centers.

29) Roe v. Wade: 25 Years of Life Denied - A site with everything
about the infamous Supreme Court Case.

30) - Christian penpals for international
Christian fellowship. Christian pen pals and ICQ friends for all
Christians: Christian singles, families, mothers, teens, children,
students, youth, and the Christian homeschool community. Free pen-pal

31) Equipping the saints - Powerful new ideas to help reach the
unsaved. Help equip the saints at your church. Be a doer of the Word.
It's fun. It's Free!

32) The Letters. Letters of Faith and Righteousness for Seekers and
Disciples. - The Letters are for those seeking to know about God, His
Son, His Holy Spirit and His Truth, and for His disciples seeking a
closer walk with Him.

33) Japanese Christian History - A chronological timetable of the
History of Christianity in Japan from it's introduction to it's
persecution and near extinction to it reintroduction.

34) Praise 4 - Praise 4 is a gospel music quartet, our mission is to
spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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