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He Invites, Inc.

HI..... (HE INVITES).....The best and most personal invitation ever sent
is from our Lord. HE INVITES all of us to R.S.V.P. to his wonderful gift
of salvation. What a great testimony of his love for us. SHARE that gift
with others, visit and receive our FREE GIFT to you
(a NEW gift each & every week). He Invites, Inc. -

1) Rejoice Marriage Ministries Real Audio Page - A marriage restoration ministry. Come hear
portions of the Rejoice Marriage Ministries' radio broadcasts in Real Audio and Real Video.

2) Scottyboy 4 Christ - This site is intended to Glorify Jesus Christ and the help support
the Christian Athletes in Professional Sports. there is a little about myself too.

3) Kingsmen Quartet - An Official Kingsmen Site, Created By Russell Reed

4) You Are Special Ministries - Children, stories and Jesus make a wonderful combination. Mark

5) Beantown - Beantown is a page for kids! Stories, puzzles, and crafts, all updated weekly
and sponsored by Calvary Chapel Monterey Bay.

6) Free Christian Software Directory - Directory of the best FREE Christian and Church related
software on the Web.

7) The Sojourner - Online Christian interactive adventure where learning biblical truth is fun.

8) Hospital Chaplains' Ministry of America - HCMA is the Hospital Chaplains' Ministry of America
training and placing chaplains in hospitals and other facilities nationwide.

9) Sundoulos - Sundoulos is a forum for discussions on Christian theology, ethics, and culture,
to provide resources and answer Bible questions to promote biblical discipleship.

10) Voice of Calvary International Ministries - VOCIM is an international Mission Organization
dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

11) Crisis Pregnancy Center Central: Abortion Alternatives - Crisis Pregnancy Center Central -
Caring Christians Offering Alternatives to Abortion

12) Christmas Celebration - A Christmas site with humor, Top Ten lists, devotions, links and more!

13) God's Love In Action - World Christian Evangelism Center - news, information, and inspiration
about evangelism around the world.

14) Top500 - Family friendly directory of the TOP500 web pages in 25 catagories.

15) The Internet Times - The Internet Times is a multimedia Internet magazine bringing you
interesting people, music, places and events, with things to see, to hear, to buy, to enjoy
and to think about.

16) The Return of Jesus Christ - Describes the return of Jesus Christ in the Day of the Lord
& the establishment of His governmental reign on earth.

17) Bible Prophecy - Welcome to Bible Prophecy!!! This site is meant to be a study guide for

18) The Love of Jesus Christ - WELCOME to your spiritual oasis on the Web. I wish to invite
you to relax, explore, contemplate, find inspiration and draw closer to God.

19) Christian Collaboration Center - A place for independant/unsigned christian songwriters,
musicians, vocalists, etc to find collaboration to the glory of God.

20) Music with Message - Music with Message is devoted to Christian music of all styles and
genres. Come browse our index of Christian artists, vote for your favorite artist as artist
of the month, or chat with a friend.

21) Sound Doctrine's Connection - Free items can be ordered. Real Christian Cards. On-line
sermons. Study materials.

22) Welcome to Starry Sky's Home Web Page - Welcome to Christians and Seekers of the Christian
faith - containing apologetics and useful links to help you build a personal relationship
with our creator GOD.

23) Christian School of Kingwood: Christian Education - Christian School of Kingwood offers
quality education and encourages spiritual growth in all its students.

24) Christian Aid Mission (Canada) - Learn about Indigenous World Missions. Use our daily
prayer guide to pray for missionaries around the world. CANS with give you news from around
the world. We have missionary and child sponsorship available

25) Christ for Italy - A spiritual Journey!

26) All You Ever Wanted To Know About Church But Were Afraid To Ask - Is Jesus Christ happy
with how His Church turned out - divisions, factions, immorality, lack of power, self
indulgence? Radical, controversial, Biblical site offers real answers for those more committed
to Truth than tradition.

27) Merritt Banners - Christian Web Banner Creation Service

28) Christian Counseling: (888) HE-HEALS - Christian Counseling. Whatever your circumstances,
we can provide loving, Biblical counseling.

29) Christian Boldness Webring - We are looking for enthusiastic,BOLD,christian websites who are
not afraid of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and stand up for christian beliefs.

30) Independent Baptist International Ministries - IBIM raises funds to send free literature to
small churches and missions through larger churches and our online bookstore.

31) Student Missions Fellowship - Website for Student Missions Fellowship at Northwestern
College, St. Paul, MN. Includes information on worship and missions at Northwestern College.

32) Holy Lamb's Kingdom Corner - Christian Fellowship Chatroom, Bible Study on Salvation &
Spiritual Gifts, Free Christian Software Directory and more. Our Home Page is dedicated to the
Lord Jesus Christ.

33) Bible Scripture Truths - Bible Studies Truths,On Line Bibles: English & Foreign, Christian
Chatrooms, Prayer, Many Directorys of Free Software, and other items. Youth links, and much more.

34) Parkway Baptist Church - Serving the Auburn, Alabama and Auburn University area.

35) Bridge Ministries - Through the constructive power of Jesus Christ, we're building
bridges! Our mission is "To Prepare Christians for Real World Impact." We do this through
seminars, conferences, training sessions, and one-on-one mentoring.

36) Cry of the Spirit Internet Radio Broadcasting of the Gospel - Prophetic Audio, video, and
books of Dr. James McConnell - free downloading. Orphaned as a boy, now pastor of the
Metropolitan Tabernacle an Evangelical Christian church located in the midst of the violence
of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

37) His Shepherd's Staff - Every Thursday night, His Shepherd's Staff feeds 400-500 men,
women, and children who are homeless.

38) Discipleship Ministries - Discipleship Ministries exists to help you grow spiritually
as a follower of Jesus Christ. We are an evangelical protestant ministry, supporting churches
who accept, as we do, the Apostlesí Creed.

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