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Welcome to this month's 'The HIS-Net Christian Newsletter'. Sorry for the
lateness in getting this month's newsletter out. With the Thanksgiving
weekend and moving Christian Banner eXchange to a dedicated server on its
own domain name, we have been very busy. Thanks for missing the newsletter
this weekend. :-)

We're changing the schedule for 'The HIS-Net Christian Newsletter'. Instead
of coming out the last Saturday of each month, we will be coming to you
during the first week of each month. You will not get a November 1997 edition.
This edition kicks off the new schedule.

Once again, we have many Christian web sites for you to check out. These
web sites just some of the web sites which have been recently added to
the Christian Resource Directory on HIS-Net Christian Network. We encourage
you to visit as many of these Christian web sites as you can. Please take a
moment to pray for the web site owner, that their message touches those who the
Lord intended to hear His message. And if you have the time, send off a quick
email of encouragement to the owner of the web site. We're sure they'd
appreciate that.

Also, if you haven't heard, Christian Banner eXchange is now on its new domain
at . If you have a Christian web site and would like to
have your web site advertised across other member web sites, please check CBX
out. Banners now display faster, displays more CBX member banners, has the Top
20 sites with the highest click-through rates now listed, and has a new look.
We're making some other improvements to our service, so come check us out!

Enjoy this holiday season, and remember that Jesus is the reason why we celebrate
Christmas. May you and your family enjoy a renewed love for the Lord during this
next month. God bless you all. See you next month!

In Jesus' Name,

Arnel Ticsay
HIS-Net Christian Network

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* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *

New Sites sponsored this month by:
He Invites, Inc.

HI..... (HE INVITES).....The best and most personal invitation ever sent
is from our Lord. HE INVITES all of us to R.S.V.P. to his wonderful gift
of salvation. What a great testimony of his love for us. SHARE that gift
with others, visit and receive our FREE GIFT to you
(a NEW gift each & every week). He Invites, Inc. -

1) Christian Near Death Experiences - The only site on the Web dedicated to the
"Christian Near Death Experience". This is Not a new age site.

2) Evangelism on the Web: a Guide to Internet Outreach & Search Engines - How web
& printed pages differ, testimonies & articles that communicate, language &
culture, new models for page subjects, counseling, exploiting search engines to
increase hits, witnessing on newsgroups, links to other resources.

3) Revival Page - Articles and Links related to the current move of God.

4) Care Ministries International - Works in Russia and Belarus for the benefit of
innocent prisoners as a witness of the Love of Jesus to all mankind lost in sin.
We need your prayers and financial support. Visit our site for inside stories and
the latest news from Russia. Each day updated.

5) Bay Branch Baptist Church - Reformed Baptist Church preaches and teaches Biblical
revelation in the light of Refomed Theology and Calvinism.

6) Covenant Keepers, Inc. - How to save your marriage alone! Are you separated or
facing divorce? Learn to apply scriptural principles through articles, resources and
support groups.

7) The Christian Rings - The mission of The Christian Ring's is to give people of
the Christian faith a place to minister to others and a central starting pointing
in this vast cyberspace that we call the Internet. We hope to achieve this by
creating several Ministry.

8) Benny Thomas Ministries - An anointed teaching ministry, helping believers
open their spiritual "ears" to hear from God like never before. Brother Thomas
simple and unique manner of teaching causes revelation to flow to the listeners.

9) Mark Southwell Ministries - Missions outreach to indigenous people in the state
of Veracruz, Mexico. Church planting, development and supply of bibles and other
materials. Ministry to street people in Matamoros, Mexico.

10) Connection Magazine - Connection Magazine is a Christian Publication being used
by God to help facilitate unity in the Body of Christ . Breaking down walls of
division by connecting Christian with Christian, church with church and unsaved
lost sinner to Jesus.

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Care Ministries International works in Russia and Belarus for the
benefit of innocent prisoners as a witness of the Love of Jesus
to all mankind lost in sin. We need your prayers and financial
support. Visit our site at with inside
stories and the latest news from Russia. Each day updated.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

11) Fish Net (deutsch/english) - Christian Information Page about music, books,
events, news, churches, organisations etc in english and deutsch.

12) LightSource on AudioNet - The best in Christian audio programming, including
CD jukebox, teaching, live events, concerts, radio stations, television programs,

13) Green Cross: Christian Enviromental Stewardship - God Has called us to be
stewards of not only money, time, talents and gifts, but of His Creation.

14) The LORD's Gallery - A collection of religious paintings by Nancy J. Beard. All
Paintings and their assigned scripture were 'Inspired by the Lord'. Read the artist
testimony and visit the gallery gift shop.

15) C.S. Lewis Foundation - Living the Legacy! - The C.S. Lewis Foundation is
committed to advancing the renewal of Christian thought and academic freedom
within the mainstream of contemporary colleges and universities.

16) Kid's News - Kidís News is a professionally designed, easy to publish newsletter
shell created for children & family ministries. The best part is, we at ìKidís Newsî
work with you to design a newsletter that will personaly fit your ministry.

17) Rejoice Marriage Ministries - Rejoice Marriage Ministries: helping hurting
spouses find God's answer for problems at home. Hope for the rejected and depressed.
Teaching God's marriage covenant. Tapes, newsletters, and books, including CHICAGOMAN.

18) The Jesus Connection, Inc. - A telephone prayer line serving the USA. Call 1-800-

19) Sermons by J. David Hoke - Full-text expository sermons by J. David Hoke, pastor
of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Voorhees, NJ and Team Chaplain for the Philadelphia
Eagles of the NFL.

20) Feed My Lambs Ministries - Feeding Jesus' lambs spirit, soul, and body. Reaching
out to children, youth, homeless, and needy in high risk poverty areas. Anti-Gang,
Anti-Drug Programs and Discipleship House of Hope.

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21) Lion Tracks Ministries - Video projection multimedia evangelism outreach, featuring
custom designed presentations on numerous subjects, all combined with live narration,
preaching and teaching by evangelist Brent MacDonald.

22) A Decade of Jesus Music 1969-79 - Dedicated to the artists, music, albums and spirit
of the Jesus Movement & the 70's

23) New Day Ministries - New Day Ministries is a global missionary and evangelistic

24) Satellite Earth Station - Satellite Television Earth Station dedicated to reaching
children and teenagers with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

25) Good News, Etc. - San Diego's Christian Newspaper. Visit our online version
of Good News, Etc. with articles and news for today's Christians. Advertise in the
printed and online versions of Good News, Etc.

26) Prayer Warriors Online - A place to learn more about prayer and submit prayer
requests. Also includes testimonies, inspirational thoughts, poetry, devotionals,
midi files and links to other Christian sites!

27) Arms of God - This Site is Christian. The ministry is to reach teens, and adults
through news letters, poems, stories, ect. . . please come and check us out!

28) An invitation shared and related through many stories - A library of testimonies
arranged by topic and verse together with a special invitation.

29) Johnson Ferry Baptist Church - JFBC is a dynamic, growing congregation of believers
in East Cobb/Marietta, a northern suburb of Atlanta.

30) Christian Concepts For Living - The purpose of Christian Concepts for Living is to
speak and teach God's word in order to change lives so that people can be what God
wants them to be - a visible expression of Christ. Gal 2:20

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Christian Banner eXchange, now on its own domain at:
Cross-promote your Christian web site amongst other
quality Christian web sites for FREE.
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31) Find Life Radio - This site offers Christian radio programs using both RealAudio
and TrueSpeech. Enjoy Christian music and find links to other Christian radio sites.
Many lifehelps can be found here.

32) Charlyne Cares - A daily reminder that God cares and that we care about your
marriage. Each morning Charlyne Steinkamp sends a brief email. It might be a special
scripture, a thought for the day, or Charlyne sharing her heart with you. These come
not from a professional, but from someone who has experienced the tragedy of divorce
and the triumph of a family restored by God.

33) The Love Song Home Page - Dedicated to the popular pioneering Jesus Music group
from the 70's.

34) Pastor Simon's Teaching Pages - Victorious living and spiritual growth classes!
Pastor Simon's Teaching Pages is a Christian teaching site providing Word-based
materials. The site has a topic search and FAQ.

35) From empty & meaningless to full & exciting, John Pitterle - My life used to be
empty and meaningless. I tried church and religion but they did not change me. Then
I had an encounter with Jesus of the most awesome kind. I have not been the same since.

36) The Thomas Pages - A selection of Bible related studies to stimulate understanding.

37) Official Supertones Web Outpost - The O.C. Supertones - your favorite Christian
ska band! Music, concert gear, tour dates and more!

38), The Christian Start Page - is designed to replace the
start (home) page in your Web browser (usually a default Netscape or Microsoft page),
giving you quick access to the best Christian Web sites and search resources on one

39) Higher Ground Ministries - Higher Ground Ministries is an Interdenominational,
Revival/Crusade ministry to the world. Through Drama, Worship, and the spoken Word
we're making a difference for Jesus!

40) Emmaus Road Ministries - Emmaus Road Ministries is dedicated to encouraging,
strengthening and training men and women in Christian ministry through retreats,
seminars, counseling, continuing education opportunities and the RoadWork newsletter.

41) Good News Online - Marriage Newsletter - Free publication by Rejoice Marriage
Ministries. Written by Bob and Charlyne Steinkamp. Help and encouragement for
every marriage, especially those in trouble.

42) Focusing on God: His Character, Purposes, and Ways - An ezine designed to open
"windows" revealing the vastness of God's ways. Otherwise who will fear God's judgment
on sin or rejoice over Jesus' accomplishment? Cameron Paine, editor.

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