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Greetings -

Thanks for joining us for another edition chock full of Christian web sites
for you to peruse! This newsletter is now going to 2000 subscribers! Thanks
to all who've passed on their copies to others who have eventually joined.

As a reminder, these listings below are chosen from some of the new sites
listed on HIS-Net Christian Network. We provide them here as a resource to
help our readers discover other Christian web sites. While we will attempt
to verify that each link points to a web site that glorifies God, proclaims
their faith in Jesus Christ, and that no offensive or irresponsible material
is referenced, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case for every
pointer below. Do not believe everything you read. Test the claims against
the written Word of God, the Bible. May the Lord Jesus guide you as you enjoy
HIS 'net.

We do NOT review these web sites for content. So this list below is NOT a "Top"
sites list. These are just web sites which have been submitted to HIS-Net
Christian Network's Christian Resource Directory and we thought would be of
interest to you. We've tried to cover a broad range of subjects. So, you'll
find some music sites, some apologetics sites, some evangelism sites, some
churches and some ministries. Unless otherwise noted, these web sites have not
paid for exposure here in The HIS-Net Christian Newsletter.

We simply ask that as you visit these web sites, please take a moment to send
an email message off to the web site owner to let them know you visited and
perhaps share a word from the Lord or some words of encouragement. And, pray
that the God uses that web site to bring others to Christ. May God richly bless
you all.

In Jesus' Name,

Arnel Ticsay
HIS-Net Christian Network

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* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *

1) Houanga Rongo - Houhanga Rongo is a ministry based in Otara New Zealand.
We have a focus on reconciliation, working with young people, families and
the community.

2) Rich Mullins - Photos, info and many links to other web pages about
Rich Mullins.

3) SuperKidz For Christ Children's Ministries - Robb & Jacqui Dunham -
"Equipping the New Generation with God's Word & Power." A full time,
national children's & family's evangelism ministry. Camps, Crusades,
Parenting Seminars and Teacher/Leader Equipping. Let us be a resource &
blessing to you!

4) God's Word - The spoken and written Word of our Father and Jesus Christ
through the Holy Spirit, transcribed by Chris Williams. Bible Studies with
revelation knowledge; and visions.

5) Christian Adoption - Adoption resources for birthparent(s) and Christian
couples. Photos and profiles may be added.

6) Aldan Union Church - Fundamental, nondenominational church in SE Penna.

7) Christian Research Ministries - Indepth studies for the mature Christian -
young and old. Primary focus: Jewish Holy Days / Bible prophecy topics /
Celestial Signs

8) Amen Ministries WebZine - A variety of topics including homeschooling,
the Holy Land, and Teen views. We encourage readers to submit stories,
testimonies or articles; we encourage personal webpages by offering
webpublishing advice and help.

9) Victory Missions - Victory Missions is involved in Thailand spreading
God's Word on Unity to the 'Church in Thailand' that will end in a great
harvest. Includes newsletters past and present, full text of a prophetic
word on unity and other information about Thailand.

10) Pamela Nelson Christian Singer/Songwriter - Website for Pamela Nelson,
includes bio, CDs, concerts, lyrics, music, ministry, RealAudio of her music

11) Restoration Ministries - Ministry of Evangelism and Discipleship,
dedicated to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Streets

12) Reconciliation Press - Reconciliation Press publishes historical
Christian fiction. The Century War Chronicles, a 14 book series, begins
with Beneath the Sky of an Angry God, the story of Daniel, a Delaware Indian
boy forced to march the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

13) Sonrise Bible Church Online - Solid Bible believing Bible preaching
church. Seeking to Evangelize and Edify with Excellence for the Exaltation
of God.

14) Learn Spanish-Latin American Language School - Learn Spanish-Latin
American Language School, Guanajuato, Mexico. Designed with ministers and
missionaries in mind, both single and with families. Intensive training.

15) Building the Next Generation - Web site of Alan and Hui Meng. Contents
include dramatised family devotions; articles on parenting, the Christian
life and husband-wife relationship. Recommended educational shareware to

16) Rob-N-Hood Music Ministries - Contemporary Christian Music Artists
dedicated to bringing the gospel without compromise.

17) Life*Design Creation Ministry - Life*Design Creation Ministry teaches
the life-impact of origins beliefs, the Bible's sudden creation, and how
compromise damages Christian faith.

18) Benny Thomas Ministries - A diverse ministry, including the Church of
Living Waters, a Christian School, a gospel music ministry, a teaching
ministry, and much more!

19) Christian Geology Ministry - Genesis, Geology and God. Using geologic
principles, logic, and the infallible wording of the AV1611 King James
Version of the scriptures to interpret the Genesis narratives of creation
and Noah's flood.

20) Homosexuality and Christians - This site is a forum for those who are
struggling with homosexuality in their christian experience and have many
questions on how to deal with it and how other chirstians have dealt with

21) Bible research CyberCenter - bible study and research resources and helps

22) Christian Computer Art - A wide range of clip art and other images for
editors, teachers, preachers, Bible study leaders etc. This site is also home of
the virtual Church Hall with access to lots of resources.

23) Delaware Upper Room's Kindred Spirits Links Page - On this page you'll find
links to sites of kindred spirits. You'll find links to Christian ministries
for those of all ages and stages.

24) Agape Family Church - A Non-denominational, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled,
Jesus-uplifting fellowship, where the love of God is seen and the Gospel is
proclaimed. Located in Durham, NC.

25) Doug Farris & Company - DFC is a youth oriented music ministry. This ministry
is not only to entertain, but to encourage Christian youth and witness to all.

26) Family Values Christian Network - A Christian Website designed for family
enjoyment, knowledge and research.

27) Christian Spotlight on the Movies - Free Christian reviews of today's most
popular movies ... leave your COMMENTS ... WRITE a review

28) CameronLaw.Com - Bible-based sermons and studies that will teach you God's
Will without putting you to sleep.

29) The International Ambassador - A Christian cyberzine discussing what the Spirit
of God is doing and saying in our generation and througout the world.

30) Christian Challenge Page - A Christian site with teaching, stories, prophetic
messages, testimonies, training materials and links to challenge believers in
Jesus, skeptics and followers of any religion or cult. Feedback wanted.

31) Issues That Make Christians Squirm - Facts, arguments & scandals that give Bible
believers nightmares.

32) The Stars & The Gospel, Astrology Myth or Fact? - Shirley Ann Miller, former
professional astrologer answers questions on astrology and the Bible, history of
astrology in the Bible, cults, the four temperament theory, Tempera Mysticism, an
apologetics ministry refuting the teachings of astrology.

33) Samuel -- Christian Internet Resources - A handy collection of useful Christian
Web Sites. Categorized and summarized for eaze.

34) - is the ultimate resource for
today's Minister of Worship and Music.

35) Religion in Politics - We are dedicated to the analysis, study and dissemination
of information relating to the intrusion of religion in politics as well as the
intrusion of politics into religion.

36) On The Go Ministries - Evangelistic outreach ministry that trains and sends youth
and adults out on mission projects "across the street and around the world". On The
Go hosts GoCamps, Local Church Outreach Training Classes as well as inner city and
urban ministries.

37) Focus on the Family Canada (Official) - This is the home site of Focus on the
Family (Canada) Association. Included are Canadian-ministry related information,
online family resources, etc. Point your browser to this all-Canadian family site!

38) The Resting Place - The Resting Place is exactly that. A place to come and find
rest, encouragement and comfort in the Lord. Poetry, stories, cartoons are on the
agenda at The Resting Place.

39) The Earth Saving Project - A religiously oriented environmental project,
dedicated to raising support for the cause of insuring our planet's life against
the threat of nuclear destruction.

40) Prison Ministry Email Discussion Group: PRISON - PRISON is an unmoderated
discussion list for persons engaged in Christian prison ministry. Prisoners and
ex-offenders are welcome.

41) HARPAZO - Bible Prophecy, Current Events & Jesus Christ! A site discussing how
prophecy relates to us NOW! Rapture,tribulation, Antichrist, Israel, Messiah,got
Jesus, Ufos & Aliens,Daily News,End times weather reports, etc. =)

42) Word Net - Word Net is a growing UK based Christian web site with over 22
Christian resources including Premier, London's only Christian Radio station

43) Free Web Site Materials - Start your very own Christian web site within the hour
using free materials from the WWCW!

44) Feed My Lambs Ministries - Feeding needy children and youth spirit, soul, and
body. Evangelizing teenagers and children living in poverty. Reaching inner city
youth and children with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Feeding hungry kids.
Jesus said, Feed My Lambs.

45) Internet Christian Family - ICF is an index of Christian topics such as missions,
evangelism, church locator, counseling, Christian Media, Money from a Biblical
perspective, Political and legal issues as relating to Christians, prophecy, cults
and para church ministries.

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