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Table of Contents
I. The "NEW" HIS-Net Christian Banner eXchange
II. August Contest
III. New Sites On HIS-Net
IV. Subscribe and Unsubscribe instructions

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* * * * H I S - N E T C H R I S T I A N * * * *
* * * * B A N N E R E X C H A N G E * * * *

Christian Banner eXchange on HIS-Net Christian Network is now
revitalized!! The CBX concept was started by Bo Williams and hosted
on the Christian Choral Music Shareware web site at
http://www.redshift.com/~bowms1/ started about one year ago. The idea
was simple. Have a web site where Christians can *select* which web
sites to swap with. The original idea of CBX is preserved at

When CBX moved to HIS-Net Christian Network in April 1997, we wanted to
be able to create a FREE Christian banner exchange program whereby web
sites would get credit for each time the CBX banner is displayed on their
site. Much like the other non-Christian banner exchange services out
there, we're now LIVE! with our newest service.

Since we release The "NEW" CBX just 11 days ago, the response has been
tremendous. We now have over 290 members!

We want you to promote your Christian web site across other Christian
web sites for FREE! So, please go now and join CBX at:


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* * * A U G U S T C O N T E S T * * *

This month's contest is sponsored by:
RockSolid Software at:

HAVE YOU EVER WISHED for a game to play on your computer that didn't
shower blood across your monitor and bring to mind the foul stench of
carnage? HAVE YOU EVER WISHED that someone with the talents to engineer
computer games would create a Christian game that rivaled the quality of
secular games?

ROCKSOLID SOFTWARE is a Christian company endeavoring to create Christian
games that rival secular games. ROCKSOLID SOFTWARE is "Founded on the rock"
(Matthew 7:24-27). PARENTS will love our games, KIDS will adore them.

ADVENTURES WITH CHICKENS is an amusing Christian puzzle/adventure game for
Windows 95. In short, your goal as a space adventurer is to save purple
chickens that are floating helplessly in space and watch out for aliens and
other pitfalls at the same time!

ROCKSOLID SOFTWARE is giving away FREE copies of Adventures With Chickens
to fifteen winners of this month's contest. Just go to
http://www.his-net.com/contest.html. Enter your name and email address
then visit RockSolid Software's web site for more information:


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* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *

Here are some more new sites listed on HIS-Net. As always,
all the newest sites submitted to HIS-Net are listed at
http://www.his-net.com/submit.html . Here are SOME of the
more recent sites submitted:

1) Pastor of the Year Nomination Site - Nominate your pastor for the
1997 Pastor of the Year award. Recipient goes on an all expense paid
trip for two to Israel!!!! Nominate your pastor today!!!

2) Behind the Badge of a Deputy Sheriff - Personal testimony of a
Deputy Sheriff. Articles and links.

3) Timbrel Sound - Tambourine and Dance Seminars for your local church.
We can help you get everyone involved in worship! Visit Now...

4) Kidz-Net - a fun-filled, family-oriented, Christian web page for KIDZ!

5) Alternative Venue News - A great source for information on Christian
rock and alternative music. Huge band listings, concert dates, reviews,
news and a whole lot more.

6) DiscipleshipNet Post-It Card - Free online web greeting generator,
featuring Scripture graphics. Categories of online greetings include
anniversary, birthday, congratulations, and sympathy.

7) I'd Like To Ask God: Nancy Spiegelberg's Verse to Enjoy and Copy -
Free verse by Nancy Spiegelberg to read and copy. Text only poems, or
with graphic background. Sample chapter from children's book, "I'd Like
to Ask God," and page from booklet, "Prescription for Comfort."
Calligraphy of poetry.

8) Biblical Research Publications - Biblical Research Publications
produces biblical educational material and other books & booklets
designed for clergy, laymen, and bible students alike. Free
periodicals are also available here.

9) Bible Fellowship Church - The official site for the BFC denomination
of churches. We are located throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New
York, Delaware & Connecticut.

10) Character Building for Families - 12-topic Bible/character study
for entire family, written by homeschool mother. Obedience, orderliness,
diligence, loyalty, contentment, gratitude, truthfulness, servanthood,
cheerfulness, deference, kindness, hospitality.

11) ABSCO - RealVideo, RealAudio, Christian group committed to a diligent
search of the Scriptures to determine through them the Divine Word of

12) The Omnilist of Christian Links GOLD - The easiest way to find the
BEST Christian websites. Categories include art, bibles, church,
computing, devotionals, ministries, music, prayer, realaudio and video
and lots more!

13) A Reformer's Website - Enlightening essays on apologetics,
philosophy, science, the Antichrist and more.

14) The Debate - Christian and Muslim apologetic material

15) "A Year Of Faith - Stay Connected" - An Exciting Study Based On
The Sequence Of The One Year Bible. Includes Commentary With Emphasis
On New Testament Teaching Throughout. Join Us As We Seek His Kingdom,
And Expect His Incredible Blessings To Be Revealed (MT. 6:33).

16) The Christian Believers Exploration - EXPLORING TRUTH IN THE
SCRIPTURES, Come on an exploration to places only seen by a few
privileged, to areas unknown to most believers.....

17) Arabic Bible for Arabic Windows - The Holy Bible Al Injil in Arabic
Online / Alne3mat Arabic monthly Magazine

18) Clovercrest Baptist Church

19) Ellel Ministries International - Ellel Ministries is a
nondenominational Ministry which offers training and ministry in
Christian Healing and Counseling.

20) Freedom Street - Freedom Street is a non-profit ministry providing
vital answers for spiritual, emotional and physical needs. Freedom Street
ministers to the broken hearted, to those who are fearful and depressed
but desire to Step into Freedom and Confidence.

[Note: these listings above are chosen from some of the new
sites listed on HIS-Net Christian Network. We provide them
here as a resource to help our readers discover other Christian
web sites. While we will attempt to verify that each link points
to a web site that glorifies God, proclaims their faith in Jesus
Christ, and that no offensive or irresponsible material is
referenced, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case
for every pointer below. Do not believe everything you read. Test
the claims against the written Word of God, the Bible. May the
Lord Jesus guide you as you enjoy God's Internet.]

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* * * S U B S C R I B E / U N S U B S C R I B E * * *

If you received this newsletter from someone else and wish to
subscribe, please send email to newsletter@his-net.com with
SUBSCRIBE as the Subject of the message.

Send email to newsletter@his-net.com with UNSUBSCRIBE as
the Subject of the message.

NOTE: You can also subscribe and unsubscribe from
http://www.his-net.com/newsletter.html .
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Permission to reproduce any material contained within is given
freely for non-commercial use only. Please contact us if you
need permission for commercial use.

(c) 1997 HIS-Net Christian Network.

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