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Table of Contents
I. The "NEW" Christian Banner eXchange
II. New Sites On HIS-Net
III. Special Feature - Bible Studies
IV. Subscribe and Unsubscribe instructions

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* * * * H I S - N E T C H R I S T I A N * * * *
* * * * B A N N E R E X C H A N G E * * * *

Christian Banner eXchange on HIS-Net Christian Network is now
revitalized!! The CBX concept was started by Bo Williams and hosted
on the Christian Choral Music Shareware web site at
http://www.redshift.com/~bowms1/ started about one year ago. The idea
was simple. Have a web site where Christians can *select* which web
sites to swap with. The original idea of CBX is preserved at

When CBX moved to HIS-Net Christian Network in April 1997, we wanted to
be able to create a FREE Christian banner exchange program whereby web
sites would get credit for each time the CBX banner is displayed on their
site. Much like the other non-Christian banner exchange services out
there, we're now LIVE! with our newest service.

We want you to promote your Christian web site across other Christian
web sites for FREE! So, please go now and join CBX at:


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* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *

Here are some more new sites listed on HIS-Net. As always,
all the newest sites submitted to HIS-Net are listed at
http://www.his-net.com/submit.html . Here are SOME of the
more recent sites submitted:

1) The Millstatt Forum - Conferences on relevant and controversial
topics in science and society today

2) Discovery Online (WTLN Radio newspaper from Orlando FL) - Monthly
newspaper sponsored by WTLN AM/FM Radio in Orlando, FL covers local,
national, and international news of interest to Christians and the
body of Christ.

3) Gospel House Magazine - Christian magazine, focusing on christians
in music, art, business, sports and entertainment.

4) Restoration Ministries International - "Free Flow", an instrumental
keyboard album by John Tussey is available through this ministry. The
focus of this recording is healing, restoration and renewal.

5) Walk on the Water Faith Church - Larry Ollison Ministries, Faith
Bible Training Center, International Convention of Faith Ministries

6) Wielding the Sword of the Spirit - Bible study (non-denominational).
Topics include: Rightly dividing the Word, the Gospel of Grace, the
Roman Road to Salvation, the Rapture and End-Time Prophesy, Assurance,
Evidence by Prophesy, Evidence by Types and Shadows.

7) Rejoice Ministries, Inc. - Worldwide Marriage Ministry helping
hurting victims of separation and divorce find God's help and restoration
for their marriage. Founded by Bob & Charlyne Steinkamp following their
divorce and remarriage ten years ago.

8) Through the Bible with Les Feldick - Excellent Genesis-Revelation
Bible study, Rightly-Dividing the Word: More than 25 books available
free on-line. Les Feldick is an Oklahoma rancher who teaches non-
denominational, home-style Bible classes on TV nationwide.

9) Stories of VICTORY! - This is a place to share YOUR Stories of
Spiritual Victory, as well as to read others'. A site designed to
Encourage and Up-Lift!

10) Egypt God Christianity Religion Prayer - A christian site with
a world-wide prayer chain, devotions, links to christian bands, and
links to other christian sites. Come explore Christ with us!

11) The Candlestick Forum - The Candlestick Forum is an evangelical
Christian newsletter/forum. We encourage interaction and feedback from
our visitors. Featuring articles addressing the concerns of Christians
in our world today. Excellent Christian resource links.

12) Newswatch Magazine/ Church of God Evangelistic Association -
United Nations (the beast of Revelation ch. 13), is discussed, and
how this relates to Christians, and Bible Prophecy!

13) Amazing Discoveries in Bible Archaeology - Discoveries are being
made daily which prove the historical accuracy of the Bible.

14) Life Christian University and Seminary - Life Christian University
offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs from a Word of Faith
perspective, both at it's main campus in Tampa, FL, and at Extension
Campuses throughout the U.S.

15) 5th Annual Eastern Ontario Men Alive Conference - The 5th Annual
Eastern Ontario Men Alive Conference, featuring guest speaker Dr. Ron
Allen of Dallas Theological Seminary and special music by Bert McCutcheon,
will be held Sept. 26-27, 1997 at Camp IAWAH, Godfrey, Ontario, Canada.

[Note: these listings above are chosen from some of the new
sites listed on HIS-Net Christian Network. We provide them
here as a resource to help our readers discover other Christian
web sites. While we will attempt to verify that each link points
to a web site that glorifies God, proclaims their faith in Jesus
Christ, and that no offensive or irresponsible material is
referenced, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case
for every pointer below. Do not believe everything you read. Test
the claims against the written Word of God, the Bible. May the
Lord Jesus guide you as you enjoy God's Internet.]

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The CrossWalk Project
"My name is Scott Docherty and I am walking around the
United States and parts of Canada carrying a wooden
cross to bring attention back to the simplicity of
the cross, and to join with believers around the country
to pray for forgiveness and restoration of our land.
The CrossWalk Project web site includes an explanation
about this project, my testimony, interactive maps/route
info, interactive plan of salvation and links to
several other Christian ministries and organizations."

Please visit The Crosswalk Project's web site at
and support this ministry. Thank you.

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The following are sites listed on our Bible Studies page at the URL
above. Visit that page and click right to one of the web sites below.

1) Always an Encouraging Word - Unusual insight and uncommon teaching
mark this Bible study sight, including The Doctrine of Falling Away,
Resurrection and Hope, The Love of God, Undeserved Suffering for the
Christian, and others. Come and see!

2) Biblenotes - The entire Bible is summarized with easy-to-read review
notes and keypoints, useful for everyone.

3) Bible Verse Of The Day - A new Bible verse every day, and a short
commentary on what it means to me.

4) Biblical Research Publications - Biblical educational material and
books/booklets designed for clergy and bible students alike covering
subject material of great interest. FREE periodicals also available.

5) Boston Chinese Bible Study Resources - Bible Study Guides & Chinese
Bible Resources

6) Branches Bible Studies - Every week a new Bible study designed for
personal or small group use is posted. At the end of each series, the
lessons are archived.

7) Carey Baptist College - Carey equips mission people for ministry.
Focussed on mission to Western culture. We offer accredited degree
(Auckland University) and diploma (NZQA) programmes.

8) Check It Out Tracts - The tracts are desinged to stimulate the study
of God's word. To examine the doctrines of Adoption, Redemption,
Inheritance, Grace, Faith, Believe, etc.

9) Christian Virtue / ATMS Home Page - Christian Virtue is a work of
the Holy Spirit in building up the body of Jesus Christ using articles
on Christian faith and experience.

10) Daily Habit Ministries - Ministry devoted to God's Word. Daily Email
devotions available Free to all who ask.

11) Doctrine of Falling Away, The - Delves into the biblical teaching of
falling away from the faith, and how it can be prevented. Also
eschatalogical clarification on the second coming.

12) FellowshipNet - Principles of Life: Bible studies, worship forum,
prayer requests, and bulletin board

13) HimPrint Christian Publications Home Page - Scripturally based titles
for use in witnessing the Gospel to the unsaved & those in bondage to
false doctrine.

14) Inspiration On-Line - Consider this your rest stop on the information
superhighway. Bible study materials, weekly on-line chats, inspirational

15) Inspiration On-Line Live Bible Study Chat - Every Monday (7 p.m) and
Wed (8 p.m.) we meet to study the Bible together. Times are Pacific.

16) Internet and Christian Education, The - Strategies and sites for
those seeking to use the internet to prepare Sunday School and Bible
study lessons as well as obtain ideas for Christian Education.

17) It's Greek to Me - Discover nuggets of truth found buried in a study
of the languages and cultures of Bible times.

18) Jerusalem Newspaper - Jerusalem's leading Christian newspaper.
Reports recent discoveries in the Holy Land, including: First Century
Tomb with Dedication to "Jesus, The Lord" from BEFORE the New Testament
was written; and much more.

19) Life Down Under - An Australian site about life in Australia, Faith
in God, On-Line Bible Studies, a Photo Album, Links to other sites
grouped as: General, Australian and Christian, and information about
the author and his work.

20) Life Enhancements - We are not here to supply the same old, same old.
We are here to educate and to expose erroneous zones that have left many
spiritually crippled. We focus on rightly dividing the Word.

21) Lectionary Sermons of Rev. Alex Stevenson - Sermons based on the
Revised Common Lectionary posted weeks in advance of the lectionary date.

22) Lords Lending Ministry, The - We are a Tape lending Ministry. We have
Bible studies by Pastor Chuck Smith Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Ca.,
Commentaries from Genesis to Revelation, Topical Tapes and in-depth

23) Memory Zone, The - It's simple to learn scripture at this site you
will find yourself learning scripture before you know it.

24) Messianic Jewish Resources Int'l - MJRI is a Messianic Jewish
publishing house, with a wide assortment of books (Torah, Messiah,
rabbinical writings, evangelism), tapes, CDs, Judaica and computer

25) MIT Chinese Student and Scholar Bible Study Group - * Weekly Online
Bible Study * Online Chinese Bible * Links to Christian Resources on
the Internet

26) Mr. D's Notes on Theology - A conservative systematic theology for
online study or download.

27) Mustard Seed, The - A ministry dedicated to spreading the Word of
God through study and devotion.

28) New Jerusalem News - Enjoy FREE bible study magazine! The true
gospel of Christianity proclaimed in text and audio!

29) Paraclete Online - Devotional-type Bible study intended to encourage
Christians in their daily walk; short, readable, practical, and
challenging; updated weekly.

30) Pastor's Helper, The - The Pastor's Helper is a site dedicated to
helping the contemporary pastor or other Christian worker to minister to
the world in which we live.

31) Pilgrim's Path... - A Deeper-Life resource site for DAILY Christian

32) Post Modern Bible - The Post Modern Bible project will provide
hypertext multimedia Bible commentary. The book of the prophet Amos is
currently being prepared.

33) Preacher's Corner for Busy Preachers, The - A Sermon Service for
Busy Preacher and Pastors like myself. $2.00 per sermon. No more
Saturday night panic attacks!

34) The Preacher's Study - Help for busy preachers. Full text sermons,
lessons, articles, more.

35) PreRapture Ministries - Christian web site with support for

36) Savour of Life - Savour of Life is dedicated to spreading the sweet
smell of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus on the World Wide Web. Our page
has bible studies, christian resources e.t.c.

37) Sermons by Ken D. Trivette - Sermons, Bible Studies by Ken D.
Trivette, pastor of the Temple Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

38) Study Partner, The - This site is devoted to promoting the study of
God's Word. If you love the Word, click here. It has a discussion room,
online chat room, prayer request list, and more.

39) Ultimate Deception, The - Startling biblical prophecies on the new
millennium fast-approaching. Fully documented.

40) Wind and Fire Ministries - Bible studies on the cross, on the Old
and on the New Testament. Books written from the past and from present
messages. All these are written to bless according to Revelation 1:1.
Click here and see the introductory page.

41) Worldnet Grace Ministries - Bible studies: Exegetical Bible studies
from the perspective of "radical grace". The grace that saved us - grace
alone through faith alone- is the same grace that sanctifies us.
International Student Ministry: A "radical" concept - foreign missions
in reverse.

[Note: these listings above are chosen from some of the sites listed
on HIS-Net Christian Network. We provide them here as a resource to help
our readers discover other Christian web sites. While we will attempt to
verify that each link points to a web site that glorifies God, proclaims
their faith in Jesus Christ, and that no offensive or irresponsible
material is referenced, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case
for every pointer below. Do not believe everything you read. Test the
claims against the written Word of God, the Bible. May the Lord Jesus
guide you as you enjoy God's Internet.]

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