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July 5, 2020

Greetings HIS-Net Christian Newsletter subscriber:

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they
follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall
never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand."
John 10:27,28

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Hope that you enjoy this week's issue. Don't forget to enter
July's contest. You just might win a MEMLOK Bible Memory

If you have a web site that is not yet listed in the
Christian Resource Directory at HIS-Net Christian Network,
submit your URL at http://www.his-net.com/submit.html ,
and have it searchable by our many web site visitors.

Read more about ICQ below. This is one communication method
we've chosen to use to help Christians chat or email one
another. Check it out. If it's for you, download the software
and start a-chattin' !

May the Lord richly bless you and your ministries. Have a
terrific week! Please pass this newsletter on to a friend.

Arnel Ticsay
HIS-Net Christian Network (http://www.his-net.com/)

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Table of Contents

I. New Sites On HIS-Net
II. July Contest
III. ICQ Chat List
IV. Subscribe and Unsubscribe instructions

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* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *


Sponsoring "New Sites" this week is
Ask The Master Plumber

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in the Community and Charities.

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Ask The Master Plumber
E-mail: The_Plumbers_Helper@clickit.com

Here are some more new sites listed on HIS-Net. As always,
all the newest sites submitted to HIS-Net are listed at
http://www.his-net.com/submit.html .

[Note: these listings below are chosen from some of the new
sites submitted to HIS-Net Christian Network. We provide them
here as a resource to help our readers discover other Christian
web sites. While we will attempt to verify that each link points
to a web site that glorifies God, proclaims their faith in Jesus
Christ, and that no offensive or irresponsible material is
referenced, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case
for every pointer below. Do not believe everything you read. Test
the claims against the written Word of God, the Bible. May the
Lord Jesus guide you as you enjoy God's Internet.]

Here are SOME of the more recent sites submitted:

1) Heartlight Magazine - Positive Christian ezine updated weekly
with new articles, art, Real Audio music, new releases, VRML .

2) Evangelical Presbyterian Church - Evangelical Presbyterian
Church (EPC) Denomination Homepage.

3) Church Of The Living Word - Church Of The Living Word Web
site was created to be a lighthouse on the Internest and a
message of faith and hope to the world.

4) Internet Resources for Christian Growth Newsletter - An
occasional (every 3-4 weeks) e-mail newsletter that features
Internet web resources useful for helping Christians grow in
spiritual maturity and wholeness. Each issue focuses on a
specific topic of interest.

5) Write Christianity - A forum for Christian Authors/Ministers
to share their written works with others. Sermon Outlines,
Family Articles, Poetry, Short Stories and much, much more for
your edification. You are encouraged to share your own works
as well.

6) Cindy Morgan NET - The web's definitive Cindy Morgan
area, with news. info, multimedia, charts and so much more.

7) Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation - Beth Yeshua is a Messianic
Jewish Congregation - Our belief is that Yeshua (Jesus) is the

8) Vineyard Christian Fellowship- Tallahassee, Florida - Voted
BEST church website, come sign our graffitti wall.

9) Orange County Rescue Mission - The Orange County Rescue Mission
is bringing basic needs and recovery to the homeless. We are a
Christian Based non-profit organization.

10) Koinonia Magazine - Koinonia Magazine is Your Christian
Lifestyle Magazine. We are a resource of Christian events, concerts
and articles designed to support Christian lifestyles.

11) Christian OnLine Community - A colorful resource guide to
thousands of Christian related websites and publishings.

12) Great Questions of Life-ICI University - Before you search
for life's answers, you need to know the questions. The Great
Questions of Life is a free, on-line course to help you study
six of life's most essential questions.

13) Tallahassee Area Church News Magazine Online - News and
information about Tallahassee area churches and ministries.

14) Internet Evangelism Central - Dedicated to sharing the gospel
over the internet. Resources, The Great Commission, and examples
on how this can be achieved.

15) ICI Univeristy - A leader in distance education sine 1967,
ICI University is a Christian Ministry offering accredited A.A.,
B.A., and M.A. degress; discipleship and training materials; and
evangelistic tools used in more than 160 countries.

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* * * J U L Y C O N T E S T * * *

This month's contest is sponsored by:
MEMLOK Bible Memory System
"Character Building, God's Way!"

Why Memorize Scripture?

Jesus did.
Great servants of God did.
For fellowship with our Lord.
For ministry.
For power over sin.

Don't feel inferior or depressed if you struggle to memorize.
I've ALWAYS struggled! If you simply choose not to memorize,
that is your choice. We are all free in Christ. I praise God
there is no "formula" to a growing relationship of love with
Him. We'd all be identical robots if there was. Besides, as
I've said, Scripture memory is only one possible way to get to
know God better. It can be abused, misused, or ineffective just
as the other means can.

If you don't do memory work well, or don't choose to do it at
all, consider this: MEMLOK may still be for you!

Whether memorized or not, MEMLOK provides a very special tool
to encourage all believers. Consider simply carrying around a
topic of choice (12 cards). In your spare time, a time of
prayer, or in your quiet time, slowly read and enjoy these
special verses. You have 48 topics (700 verses) to meditate on
wherever you are, for the rest of your life. It's OK if you
don't memorize them! Find an area of need from the list of
topics, and watch God bless you!

MEMLOK is FUN, EASY, and it Works!

Enter today to win one of four MEMLOK Bible Memory Systems
(retail value $59)! PC MEMLOK is also available. To enter,
go to http://www.his-net.com/contest.html

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* * * I C Q C H A T L I S T * * *

HIS-Net Christian Network has chosen ICQ as a communication
method between Christians. It allows Christians to talk to
other Christians whenever they wish. To be able to get in
contact with other believers to meet one another and share
ideas, concepts and anything else they may want to talk
about. We are encouraging all our visitors to HIS-Net
Christian Network to get ICQ then email us with their ICQ
number so we can add it to the list at:


making it easy for other members to contact you if
they would like to. You don't have to be a member of HIS-Net's
ICQ List to use ICQ. You can use it to merely chat with your
family or friends. Find out more information at
http://www.his-net.com/icqlist.html .


U R G E N T :
Christian father seeking to rescue
son from lesbian couple.
Please see http://www.ionet.net/~sblack/urgent.htm

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