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June 28, 2020

Greetings HIS-Net Christian Newsletter subscriber:

It's been a busy week. We hope that the Lord has shown
His Grace to you this week.

This week, the Lord has caused us to evaluate what we've
accomplished through The HIS-Net Christian Newsletter.
Although HIS-Net has been online over one year, this is
only the 12th issue of The HIS-Net Christian Newsletter.

Through the newsletter, we hope that you have visited
some web sites which have ministered to you, which have
educated you, and which have made you stronger in the
defense of your faith in Jesus. And through our Ministry
Of The Week and Featured Web Site Of The Week, our
intention was to spotlight some web sites which we felt
were worthy of your prayers and support.

We realize that we are held up with a high level of
trust from our Christian brothers and sisters to lead them
to web sites which glorify God and magnify the Lord. And,
at times, we rush to get the web site updated and the
newsletter published, that the enemy has led us to spotlight
web sites which contain questionable Christian practices.
And we apologize to you for rushing through a process that
must be taken seriously.

We can confidently say that most of our picks for Ministry Of
The Week or Featured Web Site Of The Week, or our New Sites On
His-Net list stand up to the "test". But as a reminder, do not
take everything you read as "truth". Test it against what the
Bible says.

Please continue to pray that we are able to discern which
web sites are not pleasing to the Lord. We want to continue
to provide our web site visitors and newsletter readers with
pointers to high quality Christian web sites which are Biblically
sound. However, we make no guarantees as to the Christian
practices of our listings and our advertisers.

We're going to take a week off from making any picks for
Ministry Of The Week or Featured Web Site Of The Week, but
you still get "New Sites On HIS-Net". We hope you enjoy this
week's issue. Until next week, may the Lord richly bless you
and your ministries. Please pass this newsletter on to a friend.

(Oh yeah - don't forget to enter the July contest!! For more
information, see below.)

Arnel Ticsay
HIS-Net Christian Network (http://www.his-net.com/)

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Table of Contents
I. New Sites On HIS-Net
II. July Contest
III. Subscribe and Unsubscribe instructions

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* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *


U R G E N T :

Christian father seeking to rescue son from lesbian couple.


Please see http://www.ionet.net/~sblack/urgent.htm

Here are some more new sites listed on HIS-Net. As always,
all the newest sites submitted to HIS-Net are listed at
http://www.his-net.com/submit.html . Here are SOME of the
more recent sites submitted:

1) Ask The Master Plumber - Check-out our free services to reach
out and help somebody in the Community and Charities.

2) Los Angeles Chinese Christian Herald Crusades - CCHCLA is
a non-profit Chinese Christian organization. We try to introduce
Gospel to the chinese comunity thru newspaper, radio program,
internet, Evangelestic Drama and Musical meetings.

3) Crossing Community Church - Free colonial christmas event every
year, Christian counseling, sunday school, events for kids and adults.

4) Laurel Peters Ministries - Seattle-based Contemporary Christian
Singer/Songwriter with an international "musicianary" ministry.
Formerly with Silverwind. Bio, Real Audio, Steve Taylor
Connnection and more!

5) A Cry in the Lion's Den - Over 160,000 Christians were marytered
in 1996 for their faith. This website gives information about
countries who ROUTINELY persecute and kill Christians for their

6) World Vision United States - Faith works wonders ... hope
changes everything ... and love never fails. World Vision's new
website at http://www.WorldVision.org takes visitors on a journey
of faith, hope, and love in 103 countries.

7) The Berean Corner -- Biblical Theology over Tradition - The
words of the Bible yield determinate meanings correcting
traditional church teachings preferred by human egos. The
Berean Corner seeks to correct such teachings on salvation,
assurance, women in ministry, missions, baptism, . . .

8) James Alfred Benefield III - Lets serve God through song.
Lets pray together. Lets worship. I love the Lord and would love
to come and visit with your church and serve in song. Pleas visit
my page and also view other artist who love the Lord. God Bless You.

9) WCVC Radio - The Christian Voice of Tallahassee, FL.

10) Bluff Point United Methodist Church - A small, but growing
church, located on the North end of Keuka Lake, in New York
State's Finger Lakes Area. Our homepage features Lectionary
Sermons, Newsletter, Calendar, and links to other Christian

11) The Holy of Holies - Welcome to the holy of Holies.

12) WAFT RADIO - Christian Radio for Valdosta, GA

13) Bethany Home - A Christian Home for Disabled Children and
Adults in Malaysia. A non-profit school who trust the Lord for
their providence. He has never let us down!

14) God's Valentine - History and meaning of Valentine's Day
with a list of other Christian Valentine sites.

15) St. Patrick - St. Patrick's day from a Christian perspective.

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* * * J U L Y C O N T E S T * * *

This month's contest is sponsored by:
MEMLOK Bible Memory System

"Character Building, God's Way!"

Why Memorize Scripture?

Jesus did.
Great servants of God did.
For fellowship with our Lord.
For ministry.
For power over sin.

Don't feel inferior or depressed if you struggle to memorize.
I've ALWAYS struggled! If you simply choose not to memorize,
that is your choice. We are all free in Christ. I praise God
there is no "formula" to a growing relationship of love with
Him. We'd all be identical robots if there was. Besides, as
I've said, Scripture memory is only one possible way to get to
know God better. It can be abused, misused, or ineffective just
as the other means can.

If you don't do memory work well, or don't choose to do it at
all, consider this: MEMLOK may still be for you!

Whether memorized or not, MEMLOK provides a very special tool
to encourage all believers. Consider simply carrying around a
topic of choice (12 cards). In your spare time, a time of
prayer, or in your quiet time, slowly read and enjoy these
special verses. You have 48 topics (700 verses) to meditate on
wherever you are, for the rest of your life. It's OK if you
don't memorize them! Find an area of need from the list of
topics, and watch God bless you!

MEMLOK is FUN, EASY, and it Works!

Enter today to win one of four MEMLOK Bible Memory Systems
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go to http://www.his-net.com/contest.html

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