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Psalms 1:6

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Table of Contents
I. Ministry Of The Week
II. Featured Web Site Of The Week
III. New Sites On HIS-Net
IV. May Contest
V. Subscribe and Unsubscribe instructions

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* * * * M I N I S T R Y O F T H E W E E K * * * *

This week's MINISTRY OF THE WEEK is:

WordGiver's Ministry

WordGiver's Ministries exists solely for the purpose
of Spreading the Light of Jesus Christ. It is their
goal to share the news that Jesus Christ died and
rose again for the sins of all mankind and now extends
that gift of salvation to all who would receive it.

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* F E A T U R E D W E B S I T E O F T H E W E E K *

Each week, we will select our FEATURED WEB SITE OF THE WEEK.
Each web site is selected because of its unique and different
uses of web technology. It might have sound. It might have
neat graphics. It might have interesting interactive features.
It has something that we thought was above the average web
site. And, the best thing is... it's a Christian web site !!

As long as you have a web site listed on HIS-Net, you qualify
each week. Don't have your site listed yet? Go right now to .


CITV - Christian Internet Television Network

"CITV is Christian Internet Television, hosted by Churches dot
Net. It will be the first Network to broadcast LIVE Christian
video programming exclusively on the Internet, much like its
sister network, CIRnet - The Christian Internet Radio Network,
does for radio."

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* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *



Sponsoring "New Sites" this week is:
Morning-Star Rising

"Spiritual insights for today's women."
This online ministry run by Rev. Terry Mosley helps women
through prayer and spiritual counseling. Submit your prayer
requests for Rev. Mosley and others to pray over.


Here are some more new sites listed on HIS-Net. Note that
these are not necessarily the 15 top or best sites we've
seen. We just visit the sites and list 15 of all the sites
that are submitted. We also list them based on a wide
variety of topics. As always, all the NEWEST sites submitted
to HIS-Net are listed at .
Here are SOME of the more recent sites submitted:

1) FrontLine Ministries Impact '97! - Non-denominational
ministry for teens! Consulting and seminars (Mentoring,
Working with Millenial Teens, Parenting Today's Teens, etc.
Emphasis on working within contemporary youth culture and
being relevant to both churched and unchurched teens.

2) Dane County Right To Life - A Pro-Life organization
from Madison, WI, that is dedicated to protecting the lives
of the unborn, the handicapped, and the eldery. We use
peaceful, educational tactics to spread Sanctity of Life

3) The Adoption Advocacy Web Page - Adoption advocacy and
reform issues; adoption as an alternative to abortion.

4) Paranormal Phenomena and the Christian - What does the
Bible say about today's so-called "psychic" phenomena? An
on-line essay by Christian illusionist/researcher Gordon

5) The Urban Link: Your Urban Ministry Connection - This
site is a databank of resources for urban ministry sites and
much more!

6) Jerusalem Newspaper - Jerusalem's leading Christian
newspaper. Reports recent discoveries in the Holy Land,
including: First Century Tomb with Dedication to "Jesus, The
Lord" from BEFORE the New Testament was written; and much more.

7) San Jose Christian College - SJCC is a non-denominational
4-year Christian college located in downtown San Jose, CA.
BA, BS, AA, AS and Certificates offered in Bible & Theology,
Christian Education, Youth Ministry, Pastoral Ministry,
Counseling, Missions, and Music & Worship.

8) Visionaries Warriors (Christian Soldiers) - All Christians
from this alienated world can visit this place for midi, prayer
requests, devotions, sharing, and music! And lastly graphics
designing for GOD!

9) Links for Thinking Christians - List of fifty odd online
journals from many christian perspectives with full text articles.

10) International Convention of Faith Ministries - To hold forth,
believing God's promises, to contend with faith and to propagate
the Word of Faith Worldwide.

11) Hilton Sutton World Ministries - To bring people to the
knowledge of Christ and eternal life by teaching biblical prophecy
and the end times, such as: the antichrist and the mark of 666;
tribulation; the millennium and eternity.

12) FaithNet - Host Website for Believers Fellowship Church -
FaithNet is the official host web site of Believers' Fellowship
Church of Lakeland, Florida. This web site has been carefully
developed so that visitors may get to know the purpose and function
and people of our church.

13) God You And The Bible Ministries - God You And The Bible
Ministries is an internet outreach to "Go out into all the
nations and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ", as well as
to "Equip the believer for discipleship and service to our
Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus".

14) Mentor Heritage Christian Academy - An educational ministry
of the Mentor Church of God offering a quality Christian Education
in a safe and caring environment. Grades K-12.

15) The Victorious Family - This site is dedicated to promoting
the family through God's Word and wholesome family activities.
Included are: Devotions, Confessions, Kid's JAM Time, Bible Studies,
Featured Christian artist, more.

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* * * M A Y C O N T E S T * * *
* * * LAST WEEK TO ENTER !!! * * *

This month's contest is sponsored by:


If you're like most people, you have to use grocery coupons to
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answer, visit JASCO's web site at:

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Until next week, may the Lord richly bless you and your
ministries. Please pass this newsletter on to a friend.

Arnel Ticsay
HIS-Net Christian Network (

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