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T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s

I. Ministry Of The Week
II. Featured Web Site Of The Week
III. New Sites In The HIS-Net Christian Resources Directory
IV. May Contest
V. Subscribe and Unsubscribe instructions

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* * * * M I N I S T R Y O F T H E W E E K * * * *

Each week, one ministry listed in the HIS-Net Christian
Resources Directory will be selected as our MINISTRY OF THE
WEEK. Please visit their web site and take a few seconds to
pray over this ministry. Ask the Lord to strengthen those
involved in His work and to protect them from the enemy.

This week's MINISTRY OF THE WEEK is:

Daily Wisdom

Daily thoughts from the Word of God. Daily Wisdom is
edited by Warren Kramer and written by various
contributing authors.

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* F E A T U R E D W E B S I T E O F T H E W E E K *

Each week, we will select our FEATURED WEB SITE OF THE WEEK.
Each web site is selected because of its unique and different
uses of web technology. It might have sound. It might have
neat graphics. It might have interesting interactive features.
It probably has an artistic flair to it. It has something that
we thought was above the average web site. And, the best thing
is... it's a Christian web site !!

As long as you have a web site listed on HIS-Net, you qualify
each week. Don't have your site listed yet? Go right now to .

Operation Mobilization

"Operation Mobilization is an international,
interdenominational missions organization with
a multitude of short- and long-term opportunities."

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* * * * N E W S I T E S O N H I S - N E T * * * *



Sponsoring "New Sites" this week is:
Morning-Star Rising

"Spiritual insights for today's women."
This online ministry run by Rev. Terry Mosley helps women
through prayer and spiritual counseling. Submit your prayer
requests for Rev. Mosley and others to pray over.


Here are some more new sites listed on HIS-Net. As always,
all the newest sites submitted to HIS-Net are listed at . Here are SOME of the
more recent sites submitted:

1) The Cyber Hymnal - Hymns by the hundreds - lyrics, MIDI files,
author/composer photos & bios, links & more.

2) Evangelical Free Church of Crystal Lake

3) YouthPastor.Com - The Internet's #1 Youth Pastor Resource for
lessons, ministries, contacts, and sending email.

4) Covenant Church of God - Christian web site with original content.
Weekly story written by Pastor Harold L. Bare Sr. Ph.D. Prayer
requests, links, missions, directions, salvation, ministries.

5) Swedberg's - The Hearbeat of Mission to Brazil - Information
about Dan and Lilian's ministry, planting churches and spreading
the Gospel in Brazil. News, links, correspondance, testimonies
and more.

6) Gospel Presented through Illusion by Gordon Gilbey - This is
an illusion ministry performing family entertainment in Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada. Many Christian Resources, Links and Materials.

7) Dream Keeper's Center - This is the homepage for the gospel
group Christopher Page and the Dream Keeper's Restoration Ensemble.
The site also describes the other ministries of the center.

8) Little Mulberry Baptist Church - Rural Southern Baptist Church
with Christian Clown and Drama ministry, great youth program,
and sound Bible preaching and teaching.

9) The dcT Museum - dcTalk, Christian Rock Group. Lyrics, Images,
Audio, Video, Links, and more.

10) NewSong's Praise & Worship MIDI..."Today's Praise & Worship"

11) Sunlite Radio - Internet Radio Station featuring Classic Gospel,
Classic Country, Classic Hymns, & Urban Gospel music Broadcasting
in RealAudio 3.0.

12) Inspired Christian Technologies - Christian software, downloads,
music, cyberchurch, kids corner, "Ask the Pastor", The Layman's
Corner", links, resources, ministries, and lots more!

13) Christian World Adoption - Christian World Adoption is an
international child placement agency, placing God's children from
around the world in good homes throughout the U.S.

14) Christian Internet Radio Network - LIVE Internet-Only Christian
Radio Network - Music, sermons, concerts, church services, etc.

15) Exciting Immanuel Baptist Church - Some of best Christian links on web! sermon notes,multiple
ministries, etc.

[Note: We review all the sites that are submitted to HIS-Net each
week. We get over 50 submissions a week. We select only 15 each week
to publish in The HIS-Net Newsletter. There are many very good web
sites and ministries to choose from, so we are sorry that we cannot
publish all of them here. If you want to see all the latest sites
submitted, please visit . Thanks.]

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* * * M A Y C O N T E S T * * *

This month's contest is sponsored by:


If you're like most people, you have to use grocery coupons to
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PROBLEM: Cut coupons from the newspaper and most of the time you
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Christian-owned, JASCO, has 12 books of certificates to give
away this month. Each book contains certificates good for up to
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Just go to Enter your name,
email address and the answer to this month's question. For the
answer, visit JASCO's web site at:

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Until next week, may the Lord richly bless you and your
ministries. Please pass this newsletter on to a friend. Thank

Arnel Ticsay
HIS-Net Christian Network (

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