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"Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths; guide me
in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior,
and my hope is in you all day long." (Psa 25:4,5 NIV)

Thanks for the great response last week! We welcome all the new
subscribers to The HIS-Net Newsletter. Some of you had questions
last week about HIS-Net Christian Directory and The HIS-Net
Newsletter. Let me answer some of them in this mini-FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Is this newsletter free?
A: Yes, it is. You can SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE at any time.
Please pass it on to others, and ask them to subscribe.

Q: Does HIS-Net charge for a listing in the HIS-Net Christian
A: No, we don't. A Standard Listing is FREE. There are ways for
you to enhance your listing at a low cost. Please see .

Q: How often will The HIS-Net Newsletter come out?
A: If the Lord blesses it, WEEKLY. Or at least, we're going to
try to go weekly. Our target is to get the newsletter out on

Q: Can I contribute anything to HIS-Net Christian Directory or
The HIS-Net Newsletter?
A: If you have ideas or content you wish to have published on
HIS-Net Christian Directory or The HIS-Net Newsletter, just
send an email to . If we select it to
be published, we'll reciprocate with some recognition on the
web site or in the newsletter.

Q: What's going to be in The HIS-Net Christian Directory in future
A: For now, we will be publishing answers to your questions (that
we can answer), let you know about some of the latest sites
submitted to HIS-Net, let you know who has been selected as
'Featured Site Of The Week' and 'Ministry Of The Week', and
let you know about any contests we are conducting on HIS-Net
Christian Directory. If you have other ideas and suggestions,
please let us know.

Q: What is HIS-Net's 'mission'?
A: We're just simple Christian folks who love Jesus. We want to
help churches and ministries spread the Word and share their
ministries using the World Wide Web. Our 'mission' is to help
believers 'stake a claim for Jesus on the Internet' and lead
the unbeliever to Jesus through our work on HIS-Net. We hope
that you enjoy visiting HIS-Net over and over again.

* * * * MINISTRY OF THE WEEK * * * *

This week's MINISTRY OF THE WEEK is:
Morning-Star Rising

The foundation of Morning-Star Rising was laid down to build up
a spiritual prayer-ministry for women on the Internet. We:

ï Provide contact with and offer guidance, spiritual assistance
and administer to womens' needs world wide. A network of
experienced ministers and lay councelors communicate with
troubled women via electronic mail and common telephone

ï MSR's Internet World Wide Web presence acts as an access point
and meeting place in cyberspace where women in complete
anonymity can seek help and form to worship in prayer groups
for a more powerful ministry.

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We want to share with you some of the newest Christian web sites
listed on HIS-Net Christian Directory. ALL the newest sites
submitted to HIS-Net are listed at . Here are SOME of the
more recent sites submitted:

1) The Mustard Seed - A ministry dedicated to spreading the Word
of God through study and devotion.

2) Mount Oak Online - Mount Oak United Methodist Church Real
Audio Sermons, Chat Room, Online Bible Reading, Personal
Testimonies and much more....!

3) WarbleSongs Ministries - Verse of the week, prayer posting,
online book ordering, Christian chat, music & info for
Christian songwriters, software and more.

4) The EagleCross Alliance - The EagleCross Alliance is a
Christian political organization providing political news
and information to the Christian community.

5) The Pastor's Helper - The Pastor's Helper is a site dedicated
to helping the contemporary pastor or other Christian worker
to minister to the world in which we live. Full-text sermons,
sermon series, and a multitude of pastoral and teaching helps
are offered here.

6) True Life Stories - Life stories about men and women who have
found help hope and healing through a relationship with Jesus
Christ and a section on Growing in God for new Christians to
be helped in their faith.

7) Jubilee Harvest - The Northwest Christian Music Connection -
A monthly Christian music zine, available in print and on the
web, feturing interviews, concert listings, music reviews,
tons of links and more.. A great place to go ,get a cup of
coffee, take your shoes off and stay a while.

8) Good News, Etc. - San Diego's Christian Newspaper.

9) WMSJ home page - Maine's only full-time contemporary Christian
music station is on the web. Play CyberTrivia, chat with
fellow Christians, or check out our Top Ten. Help us Push
Back the Darkness.

10) Heart To Heart Bible Church - Senior Pastor, dave Whitaker;
Worship Pastor, Steve Hickok; Student Ministries, Brad


Each week, we will select our FEATURED SITE OF THE WEEK. The
featured web site will have a link back to their site right from
the front page of HIS-Net Christian Directory. As long as you have
a web site listed on HIS-Net, you qualify each week. Don't have
your site listed yet? Go right now to .

Grace 'N Vessels of Christ Ministries

* * * * FREE ADVERTISING Contest * * * *
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We are giving away 50 ENHANCED LISTINGS !! Just submit your web
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win three FREE months of Enhanced Listing on HIS-Net for your
web site. Just go to and click on the


For more opportunities to advertise your web site and ministry,
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This newsletter is brought to you by HIS-Net Christian Directory.
We'll see you next time. May the good Lord richly bless you and
your ministries.

In His Name,

Arnel Ticsay (
HIS-Net Christian Directory (

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